March 11th: Ritter Sport Kakao-Mousse

Kcal 569 Fat 39.0g Carbs 48.0g (per 100.0g)

In our last sampling pack from Ritter we were surprised to find this 'NEW' Kakao-Mousse flavour. This latest variety had not been one we had picked up on in the press and we have to admit it passed us by when we were looking at the Ritter site just the other day. To fill you in the Kakao-Mousse is the latest permanent addition to the standard 100.0g bar range and is not one of the limited edition seasonal flavours we often feature throughout the year.

I'm sure a few of you (like we were originally!) are wondering how the Kakao-Mousse varies from the Ritter Sport a la Mousse au Chocolat (See HERE). Well folks this bar is actually replacing the latter and with it bringing it a slightly different proposition of an outer milk chocolate coating instead of the dark chocolate outer chocolate; the new bars is:  'Apline milk chocolate with a cocoa cream centre'.

The first thing we noticed when doing the photography for this bar was the change in block format. Shock horror the usual 4x4 grid has been done away with here and replaced with blocks double the size. We have to give Ritter kudos for this as this not only looked cool, but also made sense given the nature of the filling. Those used to Ritter chocolate will really feel at home with the outer milk chocolate taste - milky, smooth flowing and with a touch of hazelnut - classy but it still what we call 'mass consumer friendly' with an underlying sweetness to it. To be honest we weren't expecting much from the mousse filling but we were pleasantly surprised at how it enhanced the flavour experience adding a cacophony of rich cocoa flavours and a real chocolatey flavour hit. It was a simple chocolate yet expertly put together and wholly satisfying with a very classy mouth feel.

Overall we are pleased to say that this Ritter Sport Kakao Mousse is a superior bar to the Ritter Sport a la Mousse au Chocolat so we have no qualms whatsoever with it being a replacement for it. We were originally a little skeptical at the change from outer dark chocolate to milk chocolate, but we were thankfully proved wrong as it allowed for a greater taste experience with the richer centre mousse making for a more progressive flavour journey. It's not a 'must try as soon as possible' chocolate but it's one that should be considered if importing some Ritter chocolate from abroad.

8.5 out of 10