March 13th: Mango Mystique Malibu Truffles

Roll up, Roll up!!! It's time for our Mango Mystique flavour of the month!!

At the back end of January we brought you all our views on Mango Mystique's Valentines Day chocolates where we got to try their rather tasty coconut flavoured mango truffles for the first time - See HERE.

Well our friends over at Mango Mystique got such great consumer feedback on them that they have given their Easter range a similar coconut influence. We often bemoan companies that fiddle around with recipes and chocolates that don't need addressing, but we were prepared to see what Mango Mystique had up their sleeves.

A few days after a short e-mail exchange, a package from Mango Mystique arrived at ChocolateMission HQ. We are used to recieving all of Mango Mystique's products in tins however contained in our parcel this time a very cool looking new style decorated box, contained eight splendid looking truffles awaiting their ChocolateMission ruling.

Delightful coconut scents filled the room as soon as we opened the box and we instantly noticed a light dusting of coconut powder lining the outer milk chocolate coatings. This coconut influence was a welcome addition to the smooth melt of the chocolate and it gave the mouth feel a welcome differentiated feel. With the coconut flavours now established from the outer portion of chocolate the mango filling contained within was freed up to offer a little surprise. To our delight we found the delicious fruity centre had been infused with a touch of boozie Malibu rum. the Malibu delivered a nicely balanced alcoholic kick and brought on a warming mouth feel as the soft as silk texture ebbed away leaving a coconutty end note to savour .... *thick Jamaican accent* .... "Yesss Mannnn" :-)

Overall hats off again to Mango Mystique! We've tried many a rum influenced chocolate truffle in our time but these Mango Mystique Malibu Truffles are certainly up there with the best of them. Getting the balance between overly boozie and weak flavoured is a fine one to be struck, but the Malibu influence was just right for our liking. Although it may seem like a minor thing, we thought the coconut dusting on the outside really added to the experience reinforcing the coconut flavours and making the truffles look both aesthetically unique. If you like your Malibu then these aren't to be missed out on this Easter. Those looking for something differentiated from standard Easter eggs will want to take note!

8.3 out of 10