March 20th: Costa Coffee Giant Custard Cream

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(Sats) ??? Carbs ???

Ask and we shall deliver folks!! After our review of the Costa Coffee Giant Chocolate Bourbon we were inundated with requests from readers asking us to try out the Costa Coffee Giant Custard Cream. We understand this leaves us exposed to the whole ‘but it doesn’t contain chocolate’ argument, but hey, we make up the rules here J and enough of you asked to see it. Now we have the technicalities out the way lets gets down to business!

We all argued who was going to get to review this so we took it upon ourselves here at ChocolateMission to make this one of the reviews where a number of us throw our opinions in the mix. After clearing out our local Costa Coffee outlet of their Giant Custard Cream supply we took liberty to try these out during a well-earned coffee and tea break one Friday afternoon. As you can see from our dazzling photography we also bought a pack of standard Custard Creams to give you guys a sense of relative size. The Costa Coffee Giant Custard Cream was about the size of four normal sized biscuits – as you can imagine this proved to be a copious, satisfying snack.

Aesthetically the Giant Custard Cream looked pretty damn awesome. The pattern work was replicated in its upscaled form and the inner cream just looked incredibly alluring poking out the biscuit. Looks thankfully did not deceive; the biscuits delivered a familiar Custard Cream experience but to the power of ten. The grander size meant that the flavor delivery of both biscuit and cream were more prolific with the outer sandwich biscuit portions initially establishing a shortbread like experience laden with butter, salt, sugar biscuit qualities. The inner filling then compounded the biscuit with further milky creaminess and a much-needed element of moistness texturally. As aforementioned there was no debate as to whether this was a satisfying snack – the only argument was whether these biscuits should be ‘dunked’ in our teas and coffees – Jim was adamant not and got rather worked up about it all J

Overall this Costa Coffee Giant Custard Cream got thumbs up from the whole ChocolateMission team. The biscuits deliver exactly what you would expect – an epic Custard Cream experience that will be enjoyed immensely by anyone partial to one of Britain’s favorite biscuits. We aren’t going to rate it higher or lower than the Costa Coffee Giant ChocolateBourbon – what’s the point!? We could all argue all day which is the better biscuit out of the two!? Which you prefer will be down to personal preference and we think all you need to know is whether they deliver on the ‘Giant’ experience that they promise. The answer is that they fundamentally do, and for that reason we feel very happy giving the ChocolateMission thumbs up and recommendation! 

8.2 out of 10