March 22nd: Maltesers Teasers Bar

Kcal 186 Fat 10.4g (per 35.0g bar)

A few weeks ago we recieved a mail from the folks at Mars UK offering us the chance to get a sneaky peak at a new product development for their Maltesers brand. Being rather partial to the odd bag of Maltesers (odd bag actually meaning multiple haha!!) we of course welcomed the idea and before we knew it we had this new Maltesers Teasers Bar in-hand. The bar on-pack describes itself as 'crunchy little Maltesers pieces floating in milk chocolate', essentially its a solid milk chocolate bar with small bits of Maltesers honeycomb plentifully spread throughout.

The new bar is going to be instore for you all to buy from March 26th and will be availale in two sizes - the single serve 35.0g (what we got sent!) and a 150.0g sharing size. Presentation wise we liked the style of the wrapper - consistent with strong Maltesers red branding cues, yet still visually impactful with a clear graphical representation of the bar inside. The bar itself was contained within glossy foil confines which ensured it kept a nice fresh, unblemished look and nice set of chocolatey scents on offer.

As self confessed Maltesers lovers we were all very excited about the potential of this bar. The press releases that were sent out to the trade announcing the launch promised an experience not far removed from the Maltesers chocolates you get in Mars Celebrations selection boxes. The Maltesers ones are always one of the first to 'magically disappear' whenever we get Celebrations, so the prospect of this being them in a grandeur form was eagerly anticipated. To our delight the Maltesers Teasers bar delivered this type of experience and proved itself to be a far more substantial Maltesers offering. As expected the milk chocolate was just the usual run-of-the-mill sweet milky, soft cocoa flavoured fair. The inner Malteser honeycomb fragments took these basic flavours further forward though, and offered additional notes of honey and malt to the party whilst  also creating an eventual crunchy textural element. Four of us tried this bar, and four of us loved it - a ChocolateMission thumbs up!

Overall this is by no means a groundbreaking innovation from the team at Mars but by our reckoning it is a decent addition to the Maltesers range. It is quite clear that Mars were hoping to offer consumers a more fulfilling and substantial Maltesers experience with the introduction of this Teasers bar. The 35.0g weight may not sound all that much, but the majority of the tasting panel agreed this was just about the right amount for a light afternoon chocolatey treat. We needn't witter on anymore about this aside from saying that if you fan of Maltesers then you should really be making the effort to give this bar a try when you see it in stores later this month. Let us know what you think of it on twitter @Chocmission, we always love to hear your thoughts on the products we review. Will you be trying it? We recommend you do!

8.3 out of 10