March 26th: Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Eggs 2013

Have we really been doing this 6 years now? Doesn't time fly in the world of chocolate! Easter woudln't be Easter for us here at ChocolateMission if we didn't have our annual fill of Hotel Chocolat goodies. For the past 6 years the team at Hotel Chocolat have been sending us samples of their Easter range and this year our sampling package was bigger than ever. Dont forget you can get a 10% discount at Hotel Chocolat by using the ChocolateMission code - See HERE

The main attractions of our pack were these 'Extra Thick Eggs'. This year we've had the pleasure of trying two of their newest creations - the Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 'The Connoisseur' Extra Thick Easter Egg (say that without drawing breath!) and the Hotel Chocolat The White & Light Extra Thick Easter Egg.

As you can see both were stunningly presented in very unique, ribbon tied circular presentation boxes. The Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 especially stood out as a really premiuim offering - there was something about the black background and sleek gold fonts that gave it great standout - very classy looking we hope you'll agree.

Hotel Chocolat The White & Light Extra Thick Easter Egg

This package featured a huge, thick house white chocolate egg that contained white chocolate praline, strawberry and vanilla truffles, white chocolate dippy soldiers and white chocolate chicks. As ever the white chocolate was seriously top of the market stuff, offering the milkiest, vanilla noted cream laden chocolate experience. The different truffles offered nice variation incorporating both fruit and nut, whilst the soldiers and chick white chocolate shapes brought a nice, friendly fun-loving Easter feel. Top marks all round from the white chocolate lovers.

8.8 out of 10

Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 'The Connoisseur' Extra Thick Easter Egg

The white chocoalte egg above was special ... this was EXTRA special. This Rabot 1745 was seriously out of this world. The package features two types of dark chocolate shell - one shell is cast in 66% Sambirano Valley dark chocolate from Madagascar and the other cast in 82% Hacienda Iara dark chocolate from Ecuador. Fancy sounding!? Yes!! Incredibly tasty ... YES!!! The 82% went down especially well with the team with it offering a plethora of rich, fruity cocoa flavours. The taste of the latter really left a lasting impression of chocolate in the mouth and both chocolate types melted with the elegance and smoothness of butter. The mini eggs inside offered chilli and praline twists on both these chocolate recipes and further adding a sense of variety. Stunningly presented and chocolate of the highest quality a superb choice and well worth of a ChocolateMission recommendation for Easter 2013!!

9.0 out of 10