March 27th: Artisan du Chocolat Mallow Nutty Eggs

Did you see our review of Artisan du Chocolat's Creme de la Creme eggs last week!?? If not why not - See HERE!!! Those devilishly amazing chocolate eggs have been favourites of ours for a good three years now and the mint and Japanese Yuzu flavours this year certainly didn't change our minds. Artisan du Chocolat have really spoilt us this year though and in addition to sending us those Creme de la Creme eggs we also got to try out these Artisan du Chocolat Mallow Nutty Eggs.

These came in similar cool looking packaging to the aforementioned Creme de la Cremes and were again a variety of milk chocolate and dark chocolate eggs. Aesthetically the eggs also looked exactly the same as their Creme siblings on the outside with the thick chocolate shells hiding the quite magnificent contents that lay within. As you will have likely gathered from the name these eggs were formed of 'mallow centres encased in 
crunchy nougatine, 
dark chocolate' - they looked amazing when bitten into and the aromas of nutty cocoa were alluring.

Being made by Artisan du Chocolat the quality of the chocolate was never something we doubted so our attention was immediately focused on how complimentary these fillings were. To our delight both the milk and dark chocolate coatings worked really well with the mallow centre with the initial rafts of creamy milk and non-sweet cocoa flavours of both varieties enhanced by a moreish concoction of salt, sugar and nut. The textural interplay of crisp outer chocolate and nougatine layers with the fluffy filling was also something of real note.and created a cracking (excuse the pun!), mouth feel experience moving from hard to soft all within a single bite.

Overall Artisan du Chocolat have themselves another Easter winner here and these Mallow Nutty Eggs are as good as any other chocolate egg offering they've put out there. The mallow themed centres do lend themselves to fans of sweet tasting confections, though even the salt licked dark chocolate variations still mean they carry appeal for those who believe they have more mature, richer tastes. If we had to pick a preference vs the Creme de la Creme's we still do have to side with the latter. Frankly though its almost like picking between two winning lottery tickets - your going to be a big winner which ever one you pick :-) We are more than happy to stick a ChocolateMission recommendation on these.

8.5 out of 10