March 28th: Hotel Chocolat Eggs-tra Eggs-tra

It's like old times this - posts everyday of the week :-)

You have probably read enough from us lot already this week so we will keep these short and snappy! If you order today from Hotel Chocolat (use our discount code HERE!!) you should be ok to recieve your chocolates just in time for the Easter festivities! Here are some of the smaller egg shaped goodies we got sent in our sampling package this year!!

Hotel Chocolat Honey and Almond Egglets Selector

We have tried ALOT of egg shaped chocolates this Easter :-) but these were a real standout for the ChocolateMission team. These Hotel Chocolat Honey and Almond eggs contain a filling comprised of light almond praline with honey and white chocolate. This combination of sweet honey and nutty praline creamyness provides a wonderful synergy of ingredients. We would advise you obviously have to be nut lovers for full appreciate, though this was no issue for us and our selector tray was emptied within a matter of minutes of opening.

8.6 out of 10 

Hotel Chocolat Classic Egglet Selection

This mini collection contained Salted Caramel, Pecan Praline, Vanilla Truffle and Hazelnut Praline filled eggs. These classic flavours have all featured in ChocolateMission reviews in the past. Suffice to say all continued to meet the high levels of class they did before. The salted sweetness of the caramel filled milk chocolate eggs was a standout, though the woody nut Hazelnut Praline eggs weren't exactly a distant second choice for the ChocolateMission team.

8.5 out of 10

Hotel Chocolat Salt and Pepper Praline Egglets Selector

Some of the team approached these Salt and Pepper flavoured milk chocolate eggs with some scepticism, however they ended up going down rather well (or rather easily is another way to look at it haha!!). The team loved the way the salt enhanced the creamyness of the chocolate and despite our initial concerns the pepper seemed equally well placed offering a small hint of spiceyness to the smooth inner nutty truffle flavour delivery. More for the adventurous chocolate lover but a flavour combination well worthy of your time.

8.4 out 10

Hotel Chocolat Champagne Egglet Selection

I (Jim) would love to claim first hand experience with these Champagne eggs, however Mummy ChocolateMission latched on to these as soon as she saw them. This selection contains eggs filled with Classic Champagne, Pink Champagne with a hint of strawberry and Champagne Bellini with a little peach fillings. Being a lover of all things flavoured Peach she said the latter of the eggs mentioned was her favourite as the sweet fruit flavours softened the tarter alcohol notes. Suffice to say these will please the Champagne lovers out there.

8.3 out of 10