March 4th: Ritter Sport Spring Limited Editions 2013

We don't know about you guys but we've just about had enough of all this Winter weather!! These bitter cold, rainy dark nights are beggining to take their toll on the ChocolateMission team here in the UK - we just want a bit of fun in the sun ...

Ritter Sport to the rescue!!! ....

Yes we are delighted to say that in the last few days our moods have been picked up by the arrival of these wonderful Ritter Sport Spring 2013 limited edition bars! Yes, our friends in Germany must have known of our Winter blues as they sent us a big parcel containing the three flavours they have chosen to welcome in the Spring season.

As you can see in our photo above the bars come in both the standard 100.0g and mini-Ritter formats; packaged in the rather spriteful looking flower covered wrappers.

The line-up this season contains two bars we have seen previously from Ritter, plus the addition of one new flavour that we can't recall having seen before.

Ritter Sport Kakaosplitter - Review HERE
Kcal 561 Fat 37.0g  Fat(sats) 23.8g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)
Note. This was orginally part of the Ritter Sport Spring Limited Editions 2012

Ritter Sport Cookies & Cream - Review HERE
Kcal 571 Fat 38.0g Fat(sats) 20.5g Carbs 53.0g (per 100.0g)

Note. This time the Ritter Sport Cookies & Cream is coated with milk chocolate and not white chocolate like it was originally!!!

Ritter Sport a la Crema Catalana
Kcal 590 Fat 37.0g Fat(sats) 25.0g Carbs 45.0g (per 100.0g)

This new flavour was one that immediately caught our eye as the ChocolateMission are all known to be rather partial to the likes of Creme Caramels, Creme Brulee, Custard Tart desserts etc. To see Ritter Sport attempt such a flavour brought about great excitement and following the taste test not one of us felt they had let themselves down.

The 'milk chocolate with caramel flavoured milk creme' combination was simply sensational and was met with all round approval. The sweet cocoa flavours of the crisp tasting milk chocolate led perfectly into a concottion of creamy, burnt sugar noted caramel flavours and this was all delivered with the softest of silky melts - the mouth feel was just glorious. This was one dangerous chocolate as it was so, so moreish; embarassingly we managed to make our way through our entire set of samples before even reaquainting ourselves with the others! This is a particularly fine Ritter Sport limited edition.

8.9 out of 10

Overall fans of Ritter Sport can feel exceedingly happy with what is coming their way this Spring time. The two flavours being brought back in to the range are very strong, and the addition of the Ritter Sport a la Crema Catalana is a one of their best seasonal limited editions for a long time. We aren't ashamed to admit we love our Ritter Sport here at ChocolateMission - and why wouldn't we!? No one has ever argued otherwise :-)