March 6th: Mango Mystique Mango Pâtes de Fruits

Having munched our way through our copious supplies of Mango Mystique Dipped Mango Strips (See HERE) we today here at ChocolateMission set about trying some of these fancy sounding Mango Mystique Mango Pates de Fruits. These 'Pates de Fruits' come described as 'handmade natural fruit and sugar mango squares' - a mouthful to say and subsequently to eat. Mango Mystique have been rather succesful on the ChocolateMission scene thus far - could they keep up their high standards?

As you can see in my photos above, these Pates de Fruits came in their own little silver metal tin which kept them nice and fresh. The tin this time was unbranded, though the observant amongst you may have noticed that Mango Mystique offer their very own personalisation service that allows you to specify how you would like your tin decorated (See HERE) - more to come on this in the near future ... FYI there are rumblings of a Mango Mystique ChocolateMission Selection but that is to be confirmed ;)... shhh!

In hand the cubes were as high and wide as five 10p pieces stacked (...yes I did have a pile of coins on my desk :) Aroma wise they put forth a lovely array of sweet fruity scents that were forthcoming as soon as the seal of the tin was broken. To test these the ChocolateMission team shared a few packs during a hard earned pot of afternoon tea and they proved to the lovely sweet treat we all desired. The pates were chewy in texture and delivered a mouth feel experience similar to that of Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles with their sugar dusted coatings. Once chewed in the mouth the sweetness of the sugar was complimented by juicy, sharp, exotic tones of fresh mango. The taste was as expected very sweet, though a very nice underlying acidic lime citrus influence tempered these from ever over spilling into it being overbearing.

Overall we all thought these were a nice change up from the normal snacks we review here on ChocolateMission and would say they maintained the high quality perception we have come to associate with Mango Mystique. The quality of the mango fruit used by MM is obviously always going to determine the standard of their products. Luckily for them they seem to have been able to source some fantastic fruit for their products (find out more HERE), and this shines true through all we have tasted from them thus far. These Mango Mystique Mango Pates de Fruits were delicious and delivered a sweet, gummy sweet like experience that was bursting with mango goodness. Our suggestion here at ChocolateMission!? Dip them in dark chocolate of course!! Now that would have to be something to behold!

8.0 out of 10