March 8th: Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate

Kcal 105 Fat 1.4g Fat(sats) 0.9g Carbs(sugars) 16.0g (per sachet)

The weather may start to get a little fairer with the arrival of spring but its still cold enough here in the UK for nice cup of hot chocolate to be a very appetising prospect on many a chilly evening. Cadbury have long been in the hot chocolate market with their Cadbury Highlights range though it has never received anywhere near the amount of attention that this new Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate offering has. The launch of this Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate will soon be supplemented with a £3.0m  marketing campaign comprising of TV, outdoor, print and press release support - suffice to say it's getting the whole sh-bang!

The hot chocolate is available to purchase in two forms - 27.0g sachets and a 246.0g jar format. We were sent a load of sachets to sample so we split them out across the team and asked for feedback on their experiences. One thing mentioned by all I was the surprise at just how much powder there was in each of the sachets. There looked way too much that needed to dissolve in just a single mug though this turned out to be a complete non-issue for everyone with no one at all citing a lumpy hot chocolate drink - far from it in fact!

This Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate is being pitched as a 'hot frothy instant choccy' - now if ever something sounded like a gimmick this has to be it right!?? If you thought this exact thing (like we all did!!) then you may be surprised to learn you are in fact wrong. This was one frothy hot chocolate and the whole tasting panel recorded their delight with the ease of it's drinkability and uniqueness it brought to the table with it's light. bubbly mouth feel. To boot it also delivered a very familiar tasting Cadbury chocolate experience with it's sweet, milky flavour base bringing a highly enjoyable, warming 
taste to the bubbly texture party. At 105 calories a serving it was noted this was more of a luxury offering that the likes of Options hot chocolate but there wasn't anyone on the tasting panel saying it wasn't worth it.

Overall it was all round agreed that the Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate was a highly satisfying drink and not one that left you feeling underwhelmed. As aforementioned the pitch and marketing spiel surrounding the product made us certain that this was going to be another one of those silly gimmicks that these companies bring out every now and then, and that this was just going to be Cadbury's attempt to stretch the Wispa brand further in the name of a few extra quid. Well how wrong we were! This hot chocolate delivered fully on it's 'frothy' billing and the texture and flavour delivery were consistent with Cadbury Wispa chocolate bar. Fans of Cadbury Wispa will absolutely love this new hot chocolate - we highly recommend giving it a go.

8.5 out of 10