April 17th: Ritter Sport Kokos

Kcal 584 Fat 41.0g Carbs 48.0g (per 100.0g)

In addition to all the seasonal bars they release, Ritter Sport also produce their 'Sorte Des Jahres' - for the non-German speaking amongst us that translates roughly as 'Flavour of the Year'. In 2010 this was the Ritter Sport Milchcreme Mandel (Almond Milk Cream) - See HERE, in 2011 it was the Ritter Sport Weiss + Crisp (White + Crisp) - See HERE. We are delighted to bring you the news that the 2013 bar sees the return of a flavour that Ritter had in their standard range around 5 years ago, the Ritter Sport Kokos (pic of the original bar - HERE). Kokos is of course 'Coconut', and the bar came described as 'Alpine milk chocolate with a coconut milk cream filling' - excuse us while we salivate!!

As you can see from our photo above the Ritter Sport Kokos comes as an addition to the 100.0g line-up and with the not overly prolific Sorte Des Jahres branding at the top left of the wrapper. The choice of colour for the wrapper wasn't too far departed from the Almond Milk Cream from 2010, though if you do take the time to look back at the previous Kokos you will see that it was near enough the colour of the wrapper that the bar came presented in days of old. Aesthetically the chocolate looked gorgeous, with the white, fluffy creme centre appearing plentifully portioned and very eye-catching in contrast with the darker chocolate.

The ChocolateMission testing panel all agreed that if the chocolate tasted as good as it smelt, then the bar was really going to be something special. Luckily the gorgeous coconut scents translated through flavour wise and the bar was indeed every bit as good as hoped. The outer milk chocolate was instantly recogeniseable as Ritter with it's smooth melting, crisp, clean, sweet milky taste delivering a good chocolate flavour hit before the introduction of the filling to the party. What can we say about the coconut milk cream then!?? Well it was absolutely stunning! It was smooth as silk, yet had small bits of crunchy coconut that made for a highly interesting mouth feel as the melt developed. During this luxurious melt, the flavours on offer were just sensational with epic amounts of creamy sweet, milky nuttiness engulfing the senses and delighting with every wave of genuine coconut deliciousness.

Overall the title of 'Flavour of the Year' couldn't be any more appropriate! If this is to be the best flavour that Ritter Sport release in 2013 then so be it! We aren't going to be disappointed with that as this one is good there is plenty of scope still left for many more capable flavours to impress to a high standard. In terms of this Ritter Sport Kokos, it stands head-and-shoulders above a lot of chocolates we have tried this year and that includes all brands, not just Ritter Sport. The milk chocolate and coconut combination is simply sensational and even a step forward from the Ritter Sport Weisse Kokos (White Coconut - See HERE) bar that we got as a summer limited edition last year. We can only hope that Ritter take the decision to keep this on as a permanent return to their 100.0g range once 2014 comes. If not there are going to be a lot of upset folk here at ChocolateMission HQ, and we suspect round the rest of the globe.

9.0 out of 10