April 19th: McVitie's Double Chocolate Digestives

Kcal 83 Fat 4.0g Fat(sats) 2.1g Carbs(sugars) 5.2g (per biscuit)

We normally save biscuit reviews for smaller 'Bits n Bobs' features but these new McVitie's Double Chocolate Digestives have created such an impression on us we just had to give them their own feature. We all buy a lot of chocolate biscuits for the office and take it in turns to stock up the tea area biscuit supplies. Rich Tea, Custard Creams and Hobnobs all feature very commonly  though in the last two weeks one single biscuit has been talk of the office - the new McVitie's Double Chocolate Digestives.

These new biscuits are available in 300.0g packs and should be retailing with an RRP of £1.35 (there are loads of half price deals going on at the moment!! Try Tesco folks!!). They come packaged in dark blue wrappers and each biscuit is sized equally that to their single chocolate siblings. On the pack they came described as 'chocolate flavoured digestive biscuits with chocolate chips, half coated in milk chocolate'. On the eye they did look very cool, with the usual biscuit a darker shade of brown given due its chocolate flavouring.

As I said these have gone down supremely well at ChocolateMission HQ and I would estimate that no fewer than 10 packs to have been gnoshed in just over a week! The tea-dunkers, the non-tea-dunkers, the all-in-one-goers ... just everyone who has tried them has absolutely loved them. The combination of the butter, wheat base with added chocolate chips, and the further chocolatey goodness from the coating has proved to be a real winner. The salt lick of the biscuit has been cited for making them dangerously moreish, though the double wave of chocolate should be noted as a gimmick very much delivered on and it does give them a satisfying subsequent taste.

Overall we have little hesitancy awarding these a double thumbs and a big ChocolateMission recommendation. We've all bought much more expensive chocolate biscuits previously and have left disappointed. The word 'disappointed' really shouldn't belong anywhere in this review though, these McVitie's Double Chocolate Digestives deliver big time, and we would strongly suggest you give them a try next time you see them in one of the supermarkets. Biscuits rarely get their own little feature here on ChocolateMission so you should probably get a sense of just how much we thought of these given the post today. McVitie's Doulbe Chocolate Digestives are a new favourite.

8.5 out of 10