April 24th: Artisan du Chocolat Floral Couture Dragees

Spring time brings many a new product to our door but without doubt one of the packages that got us most excited was the latest from Artisan du Chocolat. These guys frankly know what they are doing - its been a very long time since they disappointed last, heck we can't even recall an instance where they have let us down!? Well today we got to try one of their latest Spring themed collections  - their Floral Couture Dragees.

Managing to get the ChocolateMission team discussing a product being 'different from anything they've tried before' is quite an accomplishment. We've been reviewing for nearly five years so generating a that conversation was a tick in the box fot Artisan from the get go. The five flavours on offer all intrigued and caused excitement: Rose, Neroli, Jasmine, Orchid and Jasmine flavoured candied almonds - what on earth was in store for us!?

The packaging and presentation was another area that the new range didn't fail to spark interest. Each of the different flavours came presented in 250.0g old school looking sweet jar containers and in very appealing, unique pastel coloured candied shells. To sample all of these we had a mass tasting session whereby we all tried the five different flavours in tandem.

General comments to be made about all five were that each flavour had a distinct set of aromas and represented their floral inspired flavours in an appealing manner. The chocolate involved in every variant was also perceived as high quality and the combination of the 70% dark chocolate and 35% milk chocolate was highly regarded all round for the cocoa intensive creamy flavours. There was a preconceived fear that the candied shells could take away from the prestige of the chocolate and floral flavours, however this was not the case as they merely provided a pleasant crunchy outer shell and affected the sweetness of the taste very little.

In regards to the floral flavour themes nearly every person on the tasting panel had a different favourite - that sort of indicates that they were all pretty damn lovely. My personal favourite (Jim here!) was the Lavender flavour as it was one that reminded me slightly of retro Parma violet sweets, yet inclusive within a high quality chocolate taste - simply wonderful. Other favourites amongst the panel were the Rose flavour for it's Turkish Delight like qualities and the Neroli for its subtle orange fruit hints. Heck they were all so nice it would silly not to mention the Jasmine and Orchid as being just as flavoursome and enjoyable.

Overall we were thoroughly impressed with this new Artisan du Chocolate Floral Couture Dragees and would highly recommend them to all chocolate lovers looking for a unique, Spring themed proposition. We would suggest they make a perfect gift but that would be a lie as the temptation for you to try them yourself once you purchase them will likely be a little too much for you to resist. The flavour that I would personally recommend would be the Lavender, though I'm sure all of the other four would satisfy just as much should you like the sound of one of them more. Thumbs firmly up again for Artisan du Chocolat - an inspired, delicious Spring collection.

8.7 out of 10