April 26th: Walls Cornetto, Mini Milk & Magnum Chocolates

Ice cream themed chocolates that aren't actually ice creams .... huh!? .... our thoughts exactly! Unilever UK have have teamed up with Kinnerton Confectionery and has licensed some of their best known ice cream brands for a new range of ambient chocolate treats.

These were an Asda supermarket exclusive for a few weeks, hence the lack of speed with our write-up. Luckily Hannah from the The Review Addict came to our rescue and kindly sent us them to review. Be sure to check out her view on them HERE.

This new Walls confectionery line-up consists of Cornetto, Mini Milk and Magnum themed chocolates. Each of us in the team had our favourite so we dished them out among ourselves to capture opinion. Here are our views:

Cornetto Vanilla Chocolate Cones - wafer cones with a vanilla filling and chocolate topping
Kcal 110

This was essentially a smaller version of a traditional Cornetto but with the usual vanilla ice cream replaced with a lighter, wispier vanilla truffle centre. This was perceived a little odd at first but after a few bites attention was more drawn by the nice combination of textures it presented with the crispy wafer and crunchy nut pieces also adding interest. Taste wise a decent enough chocolatey flavour hit was delivered with the layer of chocolate placed on top, and YES mostly importantly the bottom of the cone did have the solid chunk of milk chocolate to finish it all off.

7.5 out of 10

Mini Milk Chocolate Lollipops - milk and white chocoalte lollipops on sticks
Kcal 90 Fat 6.0g Fat(sats) 3.5g  Carbs 8.0g (per 16.0g lollypop)

Surely there isn't a single person out there who doesn't like a good Mini Milk :-) Mini Milk ice creams were a staple of our childhood so we were delighted to seem them as one of the chosen brands Unilever decided to choose for the range. How did they translate from ice cream to confectionery!? Well not as well as one would have hoped I'm afraid - both the vanilla and chocolate flavours were overly sugary for our mature taste. Thats not to say kids (who these are really aimed at) wont enjoy them and with 30% of their RDA of calcium they aren't the worst little treat to give to them either!

5.5 out of 10

Magnum Chocolates - vanilla centred milk chocolates
Kcal 181 Fat 11.6g  Fat(sats) 7.0g  Carbs 16.5g (per 33.0g pack)

As the keenest Magnum ice cream lover in the team these were the ones I chose to gravitate towards (Jim) and as a fan of the range I'm pleased to say these weren't a bad representation. The real surprise for me was the quality of the milk chocolate on offer - it wasn't exactly Hotel Chocolat or Artisan du Chocolat quality but it was decent enough and provided a sweet, creamy milk chocolate taste that was satisfactory of expectations. The vanilla flavoured centres reminded me of the Cadbury Bliss bar of old i.e. not exactly anything remarkable, but again adequate at the least with it's creamier, vanilla hinted flavours.

7.6 out of 10

Overall these new Walls chocolates weren't as accomplished as their ice cream equivalents however they exceeded our pretty limited expectations. On that basis we would encourage you to give them a try, especially if you are a fan of the Cornetto and Magnum brands. Thanks again to Hannah for sending these to us - much appreciated.