April 29th: Moon Pie

Moon Pie Chocolate - Kcal 300 Fat 7.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 55.0g
Moon Pie Banana - Kcal 300 Fat 7.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 55.0g  

It was with great excitement that we last week received our latest sampling package from our friends @Americansoda. Prior to receiving it we were foretold we would be getting one of their newest ranges - the cult American classic Moon Pies. Moon Pies have been around for decades - if you believe Wikipedia the 1930s!! Here in the UK the majority of people are probably aware of the name Moon Pie, though should you ask them what one actually is, they might not be so informed. To fill any gaps that might exist amongst readers we can inform you they are pastry snacks consisting of 'two round graham cracker cookies, with marshmallow filling, dipped in a flavored coating'.

We today got the chance to try both these Chocolate and Banana varieties which came in 76.0g packages. Despite their flimsy nature the wrappers looked attractive with the Moon Pie branding and on-pack pictures not failing to further increase our anticipation. Out the packs we were delighted to have received both variants in top condition and rapidly set about a quick photography session whilst we prepared some hot chocolate to consume them with.

As the Moon Pies were so large we cut them up, shared them round and got dunking :-) It was agreed all round that pairing these with hot chocolate was a grand idea. It was noted that had they been consumed on their own they might have been a little on the dry side what with the moisture sucking qualities of both the wafer and marshmallow properties. Luckily we thought ahead, and subsequently we tried them in their best possible conditions. Taste wise there really wasn't that much difference between the two despite their obvious colourful disparity. The coatings each supplied subtle differentiation with their intended chocolate and banana flavourings evident in both aromas and initial flavours. The majority of the taste however was occupied by the inner wafer and marshmallow components that collectively combined to create a traditional British Teacake (See Me) type experience. To a man (and woman!) these were both very much enjoyed - the only regret among the team was that none of us managed to sneak one aside before they all got gobbled.

Overall we expected good things from these Moon Pies and its with great delight to report we weren't left disappointed. We did try to pick a favourite from the two but we ultimately failed so we have awarded a single, very commendable rating for both! As we said in our taste description above, these were very similar to British Teacakes - just on a more epic American Supersize scale. Eaten on their own they might not be at their strongest, but paired with anything like ice-cream, custard, hot chocolate ... heck anything you can think of ... they are a wonderful snack. With American Twinkies now sadly departed many of you may be looking for a new alternative! We suggest you fill ya boots with these Moon Pies.

8.0 out of 10

You can buy Moon Pies from AmericanSoda - See Here