April 3rd: Cadbury Picnic Cookie Crunch

Kcal 220 Fat 10.8g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs 27.4g

With all the new Cadbury products being launched here in the UK I seem to have taken my eye off the ball in regards to what they are doing overseas. Luckily my guys and girls @CybercandyLtd came to my rescue earlier this week and sent me a whole load of the latest chocs and treats hailing from the outer shores and beyond. The first I'm going to show you today is this all new limited edition Cadbury Picnic Cookie Crunch. This is a bar from all the way 'Daaaaaaaaaaan Unnnda' (Sorry I love saying that!!) and is the latest addition to the people in purple's product range.

The Cadbury Picnic Cookie Crunch I tried came in a 46.0g size - I'm aware there is a larger sized duo version available on the Cybercandy site for those with larger appetites :-) The bar came described as 'a unique combination of chocolate biscuit pieces, peanuts, wafer and caramel covered in milk chocolate' - basically imagine your standard UK Cadbury Picnic sans the raisins and con some chocolate cookie bits! The packaging and presentation was all rather standard with the usual red secondary colour replaced with a brown theme which I thought reflected the flavour variation nicely.

The one thing I really love about these Cadbury Picnic bars from abroad is how much cooler they look than our UK Cadbury Picnic. Our British one looks a little clumsy and as if it is just all the odds and sods left around the factory thrown together in one bar willy-nilly. As I hope my photo reflects, these Aussie Cadbury Picnics look anything but that. All of the constituents are nicely layered in the bar and I think this definitely helps the taste development as you go from sweet milky chocolate, chewy, buttery caramel, crisp wafer and then lastly the crunchy, salty peanuts. In this particular bar the cookie pieces also added a further crunchy element to the outer chocolate and at some points there was a definite Oreo cookie type influence on the taste which was another welcome addition.

Overall limited editions from abroad can often be a little hit or miss but this is one that definitely falls in the 'hits' section. The usual Cadbury Picnic Australian bar is actually a little different to our UK one in that it doesn't have raisins in the first place, so to comment on there absence here would be misleading. Essentially with this bar you get cookie pieces instead of rice cereal which by my reckoning is a good swap. The cookie bits make the taste a little more chocolatey and succeed in adding a further layer of interest to the overall experience. Another point worth making is that limited editions are usually an excuse for companies to shrink the size of their bars, but it was nice to see that this Cadbury Picnic Cookie Crunch stayed consistent from the main product at a wholly satisfying 46.0g. This bar gets a thumbs up from me - totally worth considering if Cadbury Picnics float your boat.

8.7 out of 10