April 5th: BeyondDark Drops of Pure Pleasure

Kcal 189 Fat 14.7g Fat(sats) 9.1g Carbs 10.9g (per bag)

Is chocolate good for us?? This is a debate that has been going back and forth for years. For every article we read on chocolate being linked with obesity (See HERE), there is a contradictory one that talks about chocolate having health benefits (See HERE) - confused much!? Well these guys aren't! BeyondDark are a newly established company hailing from Shrewsbury, UK and they are firmly of the belief that chocolate is very much 'good for us'.

BeyondDark claim research indicates that the flavinol antioxidants found in their chocolate has 'abundant levels of natural compounds that may help: maintain a healthy heart, reduce blood pressure, improve blood flow, reduce bad cholesterol, maintain healthy supple skin, stay healthy and protect your brain'. If you wish to read further into their research you can do by visiting their website HERE. If you do take the time to read the site you will notice the text below that states 'please remember to enjoy BeyondDark as part of a balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables' - a very understated bit of text on the website :D

So what did I think about BeyondDark's chocolate? Well I found this 30.0g bag in my local Sainsbury's priced at £1.00. Sat within the likes of the Cadbury Dark Milk and Galaxy bars this was obviously a price premium offering and it did look expensive compared to some of the competitors just mentioned. After reading my way through all the on-pack blurb, I took my first look at the drops contained inside. As you can see in my photo above a very fine white dust lined the outer portions of each drop. This fine dust at first created a rough, dry sensation on the tongue, however as the melt developed this was overcome by a more preferable soft smooth melting action. In terms of taste this chocolate came across as underwhelming for a 70.0% offering and was actually nearly as sweet tasting as some of the stronger milk chocolates I've tried recently. The main driver of these sweet flavours was the forever underlying strong vanilla input. This sweetness generated a smooth flowing taste, however it proved rather overbearing on the cocoa which severely limited flavour depth. The 35.0g bag was a sufficent snack size but felt a little underwhelming for a dark chocolate offering.

Overall ignoring the health benefits for one minute, BeyondDark did very little to convince that their chocolate was one I should be buying for it's taste credentials. At the heart of matters here we had a fair standard dark chocolate. It was neither great nor bad, it was just a bit of a 'run of the mill' offering that didn't manage to quite convince me that I needed to buy their chocolate again anytime soon soon. Lets go back to the 'health debate' ... :D ... if you want my two cents I think it's not the greatest idea for a company to position their chocolate brand on being health advantageous. Lets be honest - no one buys chocolate on the basis that they are going to be doing their health any good! Chocolate like all things should just be eaten in moderation, and enjoyed on the basis that it is a special treat and for indulgent situations. Trying to position it as something that is health advantageous is not only highly debateable, but also flirting with the prospect of making chocolate a lot less special.

7.1 out of 10