May 10th: Glico Pocky Crush Matcha Cookie Crunch

Kcal 71 Fat 3.3g Carbs 9.2g (per 14.1g pack - 4 Sticks)

Here at ChocolateMission we often astounded by some of the site traffic statistics when we look at our reviews on Glico Pocky sticks (See archive HERE). They are by far some of our more popular reviews and attract lots of visits from people outside of their place of origin (Japan!!). Luckily for us we have great links with JList - the worlds biggest exporter of all things from the Far East (snacks, food, manga comics ... you name it, they have it! See HERE). Today we thought we would give you our run down of these Glico Pocky Crush Matcha Cookie Crunch - try saying that without pausing :-)

As I'm sure you are all aware Glico Pocky come in many different formats with multiple different sub brands. These Matcha Cookie Crunch are the latest addition to the Pocky Crush range - these are a line of snacks that the standard Pocky sticks and fill them with an inner filling of light mousse creme. The Matcha Cookie Crunch flavour we tried today came described as 'crunchy chocolate sticks filled with a Matcha green tea flavoured mousse'. The variant was obvious by the colouring of the packaging - bright green, vibrant and altogether very smartly put together. As usual with Japanese products, Glico certainly didn't fail giving the product a real premium  special feel and the sticks looked very cool themselves with the knobbly, green speckled cookie pieces catching the eye.

Aroma wise there really wasn't that much to suggest the green tea element to these and this carried through to the taste, which on reflection really wasn' t that strongly flavoured with a green tea influence. To some of you that may sound a rather advantageous thing - after all the more focus on the chocolate the better right!? Well the chocolatey flavours of these Pocky wasn't something we could question. The sticks provided a nice golden biscuit taste but it was the creamy milky chocolate that came through strongly as soon as the soft melt developed to leave the crunchy cocoa flavour packed knobbly pieces. Inside the mousse was subtle in terms of flavour enhancement though there was a minor, mild green tea, leafy bitterness detectable when full attention was given. A pack of four was adequate to cure a small hunger pang though those looking for something more substantial might be left underwhelmed.

Overall these weren't quite the green tea flavour experience we were demanding but the quality of the product in isolation from that criticism was still high. In terms of aesthetic presentation and delivery of a delicious chocolate biscuit snack these ticked all the boxes as most Pocky always do. If it is the Matcha green tea element about these that is really attracting you to them though you are probably better off looking elsewhere to really get your moneys worth for a more full on green tea experience. A situation where we could see these being a good option is if you are after a green tea themed snack as more of a novelty item rather than one that truly focuses on delivery a green tea flavour insight. Remember you can get these Glico Pocky and many more Japanese themed snacks at Jlist.

7.8 out of 10