May 13th: Ritter Sport Summer Editions 2013

Its summer and that of course means several important things - warm weather, holidays, The Ashes, ice-cream and of course .... Ritter Sport's Summer Edition chocolates!!

Ritter never let us down when it comes to their summer range and this year things are no different. As is always the case they have kept the most popular flavour from the previous year and then brought out another two new flavours to keep things interesting.

Making a return this year we have the Ritter Sport Weisse Cocos - thats Ritter Sport White Chocolate Coconut for us English speaking folk. Last year the Ritter Sport Weisse Cocos recieved a rather outstanding 8.6 out of 10 - we are sure glad this was the one they chose to keep! It was certainly our favoured of the three.

As mentioned above two new flavours have entered the scene this year ....

Ritter Sport Himbeer-Cranberry Joghurt (Ritter Sport Raspberry-Cranberry Yoghurt)
Kcal 566 Fat 37.0g Fat(sats) 23.0g Carbs 53.0g (per 100.0g)

This was thought to be the least exciting of all three flavours this year given we had seen plenty of yoghurt flavoured fruit combinations before. The combination of the milk chocolate and red berry filling however was enough to convince us otherwise though and it went down just as well as the others. The milk chocolate was a good choice for pairing with the sweet and sour fruity flavours of both the cranberry and the raspberry and the underlying tarty yoghurt was just the right balance of creamyness to supplement and not dominate. There were some remarks that the texture wasn't quite optimum due to it not being totally smooth, but those small criticisms aside it was given thumbs. This flavour wasn't anything totally new on the innovation front but it will go down in Ritter history as a good, solid summer chocolate option.

7.6 out of 10

Ritter Sport Erdbeer Vanille-Waffel (Ritter Sport Neapolitan)
Kcal 555 Fat 36.0g Fat(sats) 21.0g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)

What a great idea huh!? Ritter Sport Neapolitan - combining strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and wafer in to one awesome summer variety. We thought this sounded excellent and boy was it good!! Out the wrapper it looked amazing - intricate layering of outer milk chocolate and inner layers of strawberry and vanilla cream with the waffle looked aesthetically spectacular. The aromas were instantly relatable to childhood memories of the Neapolitan ice cream tub - we couldn't contain our excitement at trying it. Thankfully it didn't let us down and created the nostalgia fueled ice-cream like experience we all desired. Creamy milk chocolate, biscuity wafer and sweet vanilla fruited strawberry made for a taste that had flavour progression and interest a plenty. This was the variety that had all of our samples eaten first - yes all of these ones were finished before the white chocolate coconut bars! If you fancy a trip down memory lane or just want a fantastic summer themed chocolate this is one you should seriously think of getting hold of. Highly recommened by the team @Chocmission.

8.7 out of 10