May 20th: Mars Mix

Kcal 190 Fat 9.0g (per bag)

We've had some fantastic new products developed this year here in the UK confectionery market - Cadbury Dairy Milk Creations, Unilever's ice cream chocolates, the Kit Kat Chunky competition 2013 and the likes of Hotel Chocolat up to their usual tricks with their seasonal lines. What is the response from Mars UK? These all NEW Mars Mix would seem to be the answer.

We found this 40.0g bag of Mars Mix sitting on shelf in Tesco priced at £0.60. For a bag smaller than your average chocolate bar we weren't impressed with the price, but in the name of covering everything for you guys we purchased a few bags to take back to the office. Aesthetically the product didn't look a all differentiated from any standard Mars branded product, a black, plastic packet material with red and gold lettering - we didn't expect anything different.

Described on pack as ' 'milk chocolate with assorted centres' we were wondering how these were going to differ from the Mars Planets (Review from 2008 - HERE) that have been on the UK market for what seems like forever now. Opening the packet we greeted with small sized milk chocolate covered ball pieces that carried the usual sweet milk chocolate aromas of your everyday Mars bar. Taking handfuls at a time we carried out our taste test and much to our delight we were greeted with  some very familiar sweet milk chocolate, buttery caramel and malty nougat flavours - Yummy!! To say we didn't enjoy these would be a lie ... we mostly did!

Overall these Mars Mix were great - thumbs up for the taste test!! BUT ... and yes of course there is BUT ....  (get ready for the rant...) ... how on earth can Mars substantiate that these are by any means NEW!? They've simply taken out the crispy pieces from the Mars Planets bags ... replaced the word 'Planets' with 'Mix' and slapped on a NEW sticker to entice people in. Thats not impressive - thats lazy innovation!! If someone hands you a bag of these of these don't despair - enjoy them by all means! Just dont go out your way to buy them if you want something different from the norm. A highly disappointing response to a market that is rife with some great new products.

7.1 out of 10