May 24th: Zotter Mitzi Blue Coffee-Malt

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

It has been way, way to long since we last got our hands on some chocolate from Zotter but thanks to @Cybercandy we this week got our chance to be reaquainted with the crazy Austrian chocolatiers. Cybercandy are probably best known for their sourcing of American snacks and treats but they recently made us aware that they have also recently added Zotter to their copious range. Not wanting to let the opportunity to take advantage of this slip by, we duly requested some samples and they aknowledged our love for coffee chocolates with some of Zotter's Handscooped Strong Coffee bars (Review See HERE) and also this Zotter Mitzi Blue Coffee Malt.

We have previously tried out some of Zotter's Mitzi Blue range (See HERE) and we were again impressed with the attention in the aesthetic detail and presentation. The packaging and format of the chocolate was highly unique with the decorative cardboard sleeve hiding in the dual toned, wheel shaped chocolate piece within. The 65.0g chocolate piece looked slender in size, though it broke apart with a loud sounding snap which signified freshness.

If you hadn't clocked by the name this was a coffee flavoured chocoalte offering and this was immediatedly apparent from the gorgeous roasted bean aromas that wafted out as soon as the cardboard packaging was opened. Jim was literally drooling at the prospect of trying this so we gave him the task of obliging with the ChocolateMission taste test. His high expectations were met with what he described as a 'delicious chocolate' that 'progressed magnificently in flavour as the melt developed'. The outer portion of the piece was the strong of the two chocolates and offered crisp, sweet cocoa flavours that delivered blasts of roasted coffee flavours with the presence of crispy coffee bean fragments. At the centre of the 'wheel' a caramel noted chocolate ensured the taste ended with a well rounded cream flavour development - a pleasant end to a bold flavoured chcoolate.

Overall it will probably come as little surprise we have a high performing coffee flavoured chocolate grace the scoring system but we can do little but report the truth. Zotter may go off the tracks sometime with their crazier flavours though when they do things 'right' they often do them very well indeed. This Zotter Mitzi Blue Coffee-Malt is an instance where they aren't trying to hard and have kept it simple with great reward. Coffee flavoured chocolates normally split people right down the middle like Marmite - you either love them or your hate them. This bar isn't going to change any of that but if coffee chocolates are your thing be sure to check it out.

8.4 out of 10