May 8th: Zotter Pink Coconut & Trout

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Before you all start rubbing your eyes in disbelief, or start booking opticians appointments, I can confirm that that what you read is correct. Indeed, the title of this review today really is Zotter Pink Coconut & Trout :D After many a Zotter review many of you readers have often joked and in some cases actually requested that I try a Zotter chocolate bar that contains fish. I'm sure the majority of you were half kidding, though as you guys should have learnt, nothing is out of the remit of Mr Zotter when it comes to crafting his chocolate bars. This Zotter Pink Coconut & Trout came described as 'Raspberry-Coconut chocolate filled with coconut chocolate and fish gummi', and contained 0.4% Trout within it's ingrdients listing. My mate Wikipedia tells me that 'Trout is the name for a number of species of freshwater and saltwater fish' ...(See HERE), what on earth had I let myself in for?

This bar came part of the standard Zotter Handscooped range in a 70.0g single piece bar. Although somewhat unappealing in proposition, I can hand out some plaudits for the quality of presentation, as both the wrapper and bar were impeccably crafted. The cartoon on the front of the wrapper was fun and indicative of the bizarre fish and coconut contents, whilst the chocolate looked appetising on the eye with it's pink exterior colouration hiding the darker coloured coconut and trout layers below. When it came to the aromas offered by the chocolate, I was somewhat fearful that a fishy smell might make its way across my senses, though I was instead greeted by a sounder array of red fruit scents that had a rather quizzical, soft savouriness to them.

As one might have suspected, when it came to the taste test, this bar delivered one hell of a flavour experience. All myths of the Trout influence being gimmicky and non-present in the taste were well and truly hit on the head from the very first piece I tried. Starting out with a description of the outer raspberry-coconut chocolate, the flavour journey started off wonderfully, with the first few seconds of the melt shaped to a creamy, sweet coconutty hinted taste that just just minor hints of real tasting raspberry flavour licks. This outer chocolate outer confection melted liked a dream and exposed a softer, crumblier layer below that at first just seemed to concentrate the initial coconut influence. Unfortunately it was at this point that the Trout made it's way on to the scene. Anyone who was thinking that the Trout would somehow not just taste of fish, but of something different altogether would unfortunately have been in for a surprise - the Trout really just did bring a fishy, sushi like influence to sweet taste generated by the other layers. These fish flavours lasted the rest of the duration of the taste and detracted from all other flavours influences to leave a really rather horrible aftertaste in my mouth. From the first piece I tasted I was highly unmotivated to go back for more - I ended up having to force myself to try it again on other occasions for the sake of this review.

Overall I'm sure this will come as little surprise to you all that I didn't enjoy a fish flavoured chocolate, though one feels whenever the name Zotter is around these things are always worth a try at least once. As you will have determined from my description above this was a rather classy coconut and raspberry outfit until the fish element reared it's head and frankly undid all the good that had been created before. Zotter's white chocolate isn't something I have touched on before on this site, but this first experience would go a long way to suggest that they definitely have potential in this area, and I will be making a point of trying some more of their more sensible offerings in the not to distant future. My conclusions on this Zotter Pink Coconut & Trout bar however cannot be determined as particularly positive - the Trout fish element just comes across as a hindrance to the rest of the product, and definitely non-enhancing in every way I can think of. Possibly worth trying for the experience, but not a chocolate I would recommend on taste.

5.8 out of 10