Fathers Day - American Soda Picks!!!

We are used to American Soda being mega generous when it comes to sending us samples but they have really gone out their way this year to help us all celebrate Fathers Day!!

American Soda are offering ALL ChocolateMission readers 10% off all shopping baskets! Whether you are stocking the cupboards with American treats or simply just buying a cheeky off one Hershey bar to satisfy a craving - You can get yourself a rather splendid 10% off using the code 'CM10'

One of the many, many American goodies you might want to be considering are the exclusive products that American Soda are suppliers of! The first we want to point you in the direction of are these Dad's sodas!! As I (Jim) type I'm currently treating myself to a Root Beer float that I made using the litre bottle I was sent earlier.

Root Beer is an acquired taste - to nick a line from Marmite your either love it or hate it. Suffice to say I'm a big fan and the Dad's Root Beer is as good as they come if you ask me! If Root Beer isn't so much your thing you might want to check out the other cool flavours in the Dad's Soda line up that consists of various different Cream Soda varieties - See them all HERE.

Of course it would be all too criminal not to mention one of American Soda's other exclusive UK lines if you are considering how to cash in on the 10% discount. Indeed my mouth is just watering thinking about JR's BBQ sauce - our past review of the line up is HERE ... seriously folks if you love BBQ sauce this is THE BBQ sauce you need to treat yourself. If you think I'm just trying to spin yarn on behalf of American Soda then I urge you to give it a try yourself - if you think I'm over stating it then send me a mail and we can work something out (trust me you wont be haha!!)

I hope you guys make good use of the CM10 discount code. Its not often one of suppliers are this generous so be sure to treat your Old Man, and of course yourself while your at it :-)