June 10th: Cadbury Crunchums

Kcal 185 Fat 11.0g Carbs 20.0g (per 35.0g serving)

The Cadbury new product development team have been in overdrive since the Mondelez International takeover a few years ago. One part of the Cadbury portfolio that has seen a significant amount of this NPD is their Cadbury sharing bags range. Most recently we have seen the introduction of the Cadbury Popcorn and the Cadbury Pretzels - check out their reviews HERE. These must have been successful to some degree as the line has now been extended further to include these all new Cadbury Crunchums. As with quite a few of these pouch based snacks these aren't an altogether new innovation as they have been in existence within Europe under the Milka brand name - See HERE.

Before kicking off the review today we must thank Kevin from Kevs Snack Reviews for sending these Cadbury Crunchums for us to review - (Site HERE). Unlike us here @Chocmission, Kevin happens to live near a Morrison's supermarket where he found these on offer with the rest of the Cadbury sharing bag range for £0.99. The design of the pouch was consistent with the rest of the range with traditional matted, foil Cadbury material ensuring both contemporery aesthetic design and fresh contents. The inner pieces were roughly sized the same as your normal breakfast cereal pieces. One of the ChocolateMission team remarked that they looked like inside-out Kellogg's Krave cereal which was a pretty accurate description.

On the packet the Cadbury Crunchums were described as 'crispy cereal bites coated in Cadbury chocolate'. This didn't sound like the most inspiring new development to make it to the UK market but we were looking forward to trialing these nonetheless. What we found when tasting these was that our expectations were matched - neither exceed or undershot. The milk chocolate coating was obviously Cadbury's more generic secondary recipe that they have used across the rest of the pouch range. It was milk based, sweet and satisfactory in regards to its chocolate flavour delivery. The cereal innards provided more of a savoury offering than we expected with a slight salt lick detectable amongst the more generic wheaty cereal. This creation of a sweet and salt contrast was welcomed by most but some taste testers weren't quite so keen. Taking handfuls at a time these were very easy to consume in large quantaties - we didn't find them all that satisfying.

Overall we would rate these as one of the more underwhelming new Cadbury products this year. We dont wish to give the impression that there is anything wrong with these new Crunchums but to say they bring anything new to the table in terms of inspiration or subsequent taste would be misleading. These struck us far more suitable as a topping for a dessert - they would supplement a bowl of ice cream superbly thats for sure. On their own however they lacked the usual Cadbury charm and came off more as a rebadged, run-of-the-mill chocolatey snack from somewhere in Europe *ahem* :-) For just £0.99 you can have few complaints but if these are part of the selection you are confronted with in the over-priced cinema snack line-up we would suggest looking elsewhere in the Cadbury range.

6.9 out of 10