June 21st: Wrigley's Extra Dessert Delights Mint Chocolate Chip

Kcal 5 Fat 0.0g Fat(sats) 0.0g Carbs2.0g (per 2.7g stick)

Fueling our passion for covering EVERYTHING chocolate related, Yankee Pop today gave us the opportunity to bring you what is only ever our third gum review. We aren't even sure there is a chocolate flavoured gum currently on the UK market, but if there is one thing you can bank on its that the American's have things like this well and truly sorted. Like many other confectionery ranges, Wrigley's in the US has a far greater line of products - this Desserts Delights gum range a fine example. Today we tried out the Mint Chocolate Chip flavour, here are the team's thoughts:

The gum came in a pack of 15 sticks that three of us furiously chewed away at during various points in the day - after coffees, after eating etc. The cardboard sleeve the sticks came in was smartly designed with some vibrant on-pack visuals and in a nice compact size to carry around. The gum pieces looked innocuous in their silver foil wraps, though aroma wise you could tell they were something a little more than just your standard mint gum.

As aforementioned three of us taste tested these and our thoughts were resoundingly similar. On the face of things all three of us got a degree of pleasure from the gum. We thought the strength of the mint was well balanced and loved the way it had a slight creamyness that did give it the desired ice-cream like taste effect. The chocolate chip element was also well represented with intermittent bursts of chocolatey flavours apparent every so often.As positive as this all sounds there was one common disappointment expressed by the team that the flavour generation did weaken pretty fast. Its fair to say however that is a criticism that can be said about several gum brands not only Wrigley's.

Overall the score here reveals a weakness in the ChocolateMission rating system as our thoughts on these Wrigley's Extra Dessert Delights Mint Chocolate Chip were a whole lot more positive than a score of 6.8 might suggest. The sustenance provision of the product is obviously weak, though this was always going to be the case given that its chewing gum. It says it all that team said they would make this their gum flavour of choice from now on if it was more readily available in the shops. The fact that it gives you minty fresh breath and a little chocolatey flavour hit makes its altogether a more exciting option than most everyday options. Its not worth making an order just for a pack on its own but if you are fancying bolstering a Yankee Pop package this gum comes recommended.

6.8 out of 10