June 24th: Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Saint Lucia Island Growers Milk Chocolate

We dont hide the fact that we have good friends over at Hotel Chocolat.They have been one of the sites biggest supporters since we started off on our ChocolateMission 5 years ago (yes its been that long!!). You would have thought after five years of taking samples from them we would have started to get bored of what they offer but we can genuinely say that still after all this time we get very excited each time a new box of samples arrives at ChocolateMission HQ.

One of the key reasons why our excitement has been continually maintained is because they offer such a wide range of different products - catering for different types of chocolatey desires. Whether it be their seasonal truffle selections, holiday themed treats or connoisseur collections they continue to deliver the goods way more often than they fail to meet expectations.These Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Saint Lucia, Island Growers milk chocolates were the latest chocolates they sent our way for sampling.

The full Rabot Estate backstory can be found on the website HERE. Long story cut short it is Hotel Chocolat's plantation based in St Lucia - a place where they believe 'the rich and fertile volcanic soil, high altitude (c.1000ft above sea level) and rainforest water all create a unique environment (terroir), perfectly suited to cocoa production, in which our cocoa trees flourish'.

Being the pessimistic so-and-sos we are here at ChocolateMission we never care much for overly long winded back stories but one thing we can definitely buy in to is how amazing both these milk chocolates were! These were really chocolates of the highest quality - from the authentic looking packaging through the taste test - absolutely every thing was of the highest order.

As you will see from our photos we were sent two different strength milk chocolates - a 50% offering and a 70% variant. Both came in 70.0g bars that were wrapped in fresh sealing packages that burst with strong cocoa scents when opened.

Taking ourselves very seriously as chocolate tasting experts *ahem* we set about making tasting notes for both chocolates. Comparing all of our observations there were a lot of consistencies - whats worth saying upfront is that both chocolates were held in very high regard by one and all. The 50% bar received high praise for its mellower taste that wasn't quite as intense, offering a smoother flavour delivery with high concentration of butter and cream notes.

The 70% bar was thought of just as highly though for a few different reasons. The panel detected the mouth melt and flavour development weren't quite as smooth but the edgier, rawer cocoa flavours left a longer impression in the mouth. The cocoa flavours were a little more fruity and earthy - perhaps a touch more bitter but never unkind.

Overall everything about these Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Saint Lucia, Island Growers milk chocolates oozed quality and were absolutely loved getting the opportunity to review them. Our taste descriptions are probably a little poncy sounding but we are sure you will 'get in to it' just as much as we did should you take on the challenge of comparing taste notes between the two. These without doubt both carry a ChocolateMission recommendation. Let us know your own thoughts @Chocmission

9.2 out of 10