June 26th: Flipz Chocolate Mint

Kcal 130 Fat 8.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 20.0g (per 28.0g/8 pieces)

We have always said that one of the greatest crimes commited in UK confectionery history was the removal of Flipz pretzels from our supermarkets. The audacity to remove such tasty snacks from our everyday shelves was taken by the brand owners at the time Nestle - booooo! Nowadays the Flipz brand is being operated by a company called DeMets and they are still to reunite Flipz with us this side of the Atlantic. Luckily for us we have heros like the chaps @Americansoda who are continually managing to source the latest flavours and limited editions they are coming out with - See HERE. The latest addition to the Flipz range are these Flipz Chocolate Mint - 'chocolate mint covered salted pretzels' - these sounded awesome.

For our tasting pleasure American Soda sent across a 113.0g bag that we managed to polish off in the one sitting (there were three of us!!). As ever the bright light blue foil material bore the large yellow coloured branding and clearly communicated the mint flavour variety via a green band and on-pack mint plant illustration. Unsealing said packet, we were immediately met by wafts of chocolate mint scents - they smelt strongly but frankly we would have been disappointed had this not been the case. The foil packet had also managed to keep the contents in good condition despite the extensive air-miles clocked up to make their way to us.

As aforementioned we managed to much our way through a whole pack of these over the duration of a mid-afternoon coffee break. The quality of the chocolate has never been the strongest point of Flipz pretzels though their choice of using semi-sweet 'dark' chocolate for these was well thought out given the additional mint flavouring being brought to the party. All round we liked that the coating wasn't as sweet as some of the other offerings in the Flipz range - it allowed for greater expression of the peppermint influence which itself brought an element of sweetness. The level of mintyness for us was well balanced - not too strong, not too weak and it didn't over power the savoury saltyness of the inner pretzels which of course provided the usual beautiful contrast of flavour bases. These were delicious - hence our disappointment at speed at which our packet emptied :-)

Overall you might have guessed but these new Flipz Chocolate Mint got a big thumbs up from the ChocolateMission crew. These proved themselves to be yet another scrap of evidence that the brand should never have been taken away from us here in the UK. They provide a snack like no other on the market at the moment and we are sure that this Chocolate Mint variety would be just as warmly received by UK consumers as any of the other White Fudge or Milk Chocolate offerings. If you are an lifetime fan of Flipz or just want to try out a new type of sweet/salty snack food we suggest you make ways to American Soda and invest.These are by no means chocolate excellence but as snacking treats go they are a mighty good option.

8.0 out of 10