June 28th: Kinder Schokobon Milky Bites

Kcal 33 Fat 2.1g Carbs 3.3g (per piece)

No matter who you speak to if you ask someone the question whether or not they have ever tried a Kinder chocolate they will almost always respond with a resounding 'yes!'. The Kinder chocolate brand (produced by Ferrero of course) is one that has great representation across the whole of Europe. Certain countries may have slightly different Kinder offerings, but for the main part the majority of their products combine their delicious sweet milk chocolate with some sort of milky filling - See Kinder Bueno HERE, See Kinder Slice HERE.

The product reviews we have done already for Kinder are some of the most popular on the site so it was with great delight that we accepted the opportunity from our new friends at Manchester Pickers to try out these Kinder Schokobon Milky Bites - Available HERE. These came described as 'milk chocolate bites with a milk cream and hazelnut filling' and came in a bag weighing 200.0g. The bag included over 25 pieces that the ChocolateMission crew managed to munch their way through in the matter of one single afternoon - always a good sign huh :-)

The Kinder Schokobon Milky Bites pieces came presented in small indivdual wrappers, shaped and sized similarly to the likes of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Unwrapping them from their plastic covered confines they emanated all the delicious smelling Kinder scents of sweet milk and nutty hazelnut - yum!! Almost all of us chose to eat these by simply placing them whole in our mouths and letting them melt, though it was nice to see that when bitten into there was a clear distinction between the darker outer chocolate and milky white cream innards. Suffice to say taste wise these met all our expectations. Informed by many a Kinder Bueno experience we were expecting smooth melting sweet milk chocolate, with fillings packed to the brim with added cream and notes of woody hazelnut. Satisfaction was delivered and these Schokobon Milky Bites were ridicuously moreish.

Overall these Kinder Schokobon Milky Bites were every bit as good as we hoped they would be. We've had so many positive experiences with the brand down the line we had high hopes that these would be just as enjoyable and we are delighted to report that they were. If anything like most Kinder products they were a little bit too good for their own sake - the only place they fall down on the ChocolateMission scoring chart they partially fell down was in the area of sustenance as we found ourselves reaching back in to the bag time and time again wanting more and more creamy chocolate Kinder deliciousness :-) Whether these are for the kids or you are just a big kid yourself they wont disappoint if you know the Kinder experience you are in for! ChocolateMission recommended.

8.0 out of 10

We were sent these Kinder Schokobon Milky Bites for review by our partners at Manchester Pickers - See HERE.