June 3rd: Hotel Chocolat Fathers Day 2013

Each year we do our best to give you some ideas for some of the important dates on the seasonal calendar. Of course one of these dates is Fathers Day - the one day in the year when we all make an even grander effort to show our appreciation to the 'old man' who raised. If your 'old man' is anything like ours's here at ChocolateMission then the gift of chocolate is always a sure-fire winner when it comes to thinking about a nice gesture. If this is something you can relate to then you may want to pay attention to the post today as we are going to give you our recommendations from the Hotel Chocolat range this year.

Neither of the products we feature today are NEW for 2013 but having gifted them previously and had them very warmly received we feel confident offering them up as good Fathers Day gifting material.

We decided to point you in the direction of two different options based on budget and their varying sophistication ...

The first product we thought would be a pretty apt choice was this Hotel Chocolat Old Fossil Milk Chocolate slab ....'Old Fossil' .... 'Old Man' ....geddit :-) Our humour may be somewhat questionable here but one thing that certainly isn't is the quality of the milk chocolate. The 40% house recipe is one we have been lauding over for almost five years now. The fact we haven't had a single reader oppose our views on it should give you some idea of it's universal appreciation. If you are looking for a humorous option that still backs itself up with a very special chocolate at heart then the Hotel Chocolat Fossil Milk Chocolate slab is one you can't go wrong with.

8.1 out of 10

If you are looking for something a little bit more serious then one of Hotel Chocolat's Nutty Selection. This is a collection of nut based truffles that Hotel Chocolat have recently relaunched.

The Hotel Chocolat H-Box Nutty Selection is featured in all of our photos below, and yes, they do taste as good as they look. Featured in the collection are some simply SUPERB truffles - the standouts for us were the Coffee & Walnut Torte, Nutty Caramel, Cashew Praline and Hazelnut Marzipan ... heck what are we saying!? They were all exceptional and very befitting for any chocolate nut fans.

Before we set ourselves loose on the selection we were concerned somewhat that it might be limited in its variance due to it having the nut focus. We shouldn't have even contemplated the thought as we found that the types of nuts used was very wide and they were paired with all sorts of other complimentary ingredients e.g. Hazelnut & Ginger, Pecan Crunch, Macadamia Crunch.

The only glaring miss is the lack of an almond offering - this didn't so much present an issue for us (our least favourite nut type!), but we know it has its fans so its exclusion was a little puzzling. Anyway, if your Old Man is partial to a nutty chocolate then you need look no further in our opinion. Hotel Chocolat are the experts when it comes to pralines and this Nutty Selection is a fine box for showcasing that.

8.8 out of 10

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there! We hope you all celebrate it in style with some chocolatey goodness!