June 5th: Jacob's CLUB Honeycomb biscuit

Kcal 116 Fat 5.9g Fat(sats) 3.6g Carbs 14.0g (per bar)

"If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, join our club."

A phrase from our childhood that we dont think we will ever be forgetting!! Should you need reminding take a look here ....

If you wanted to personify the 90s in one advertisement the CLUB biscuit ads would be one of your better options!

Well fast forward a decade and amazingly the CLUB biscuit is still going strong here in the UK. So strong in fact Jacob's ventured in to pastures new bringing out this new Honeycomb variant - 'milk chocolate with a honeycomb flavour cream and a crunchy biscuit'.

Was it nostalgia galore? or nostalgia poor? We got ourselves reacquainted with an old friend to find out ....

We bought these CLUB Honeycomb biscuits on a £1.00 for 8 deal in our local Sainsbury's. The packaging and presentation hasn't changed all that much down the years, still the same capital letter bold branding on both the wrapper and bar - it stirred our nostalgia just that little bit more.  

Nostalgia really did hit fever pitch when we got our first smell of the bar outside the wrapper. The toffee like sweet smells were instantly recognisable from times of old - the taste oddly artificial taste yet at the same time bizarrely comforting. Taste wise for the average person these really aren't going to do much. The milk chocolate is waxy textured and lacking any real definitive cream or cocoa flavours of note. Similarly the biscuit isn't life changing - hints of butter and salt create a digestive wheat biscuit taste that you could frankly find in any old chocolate biscuit product accommodating your supermarket shelves.

What those products don't have however is the CLUB biscuit brand nostalgia, and for that sole reason these get a ChocolateMission recommendation. Parents - buy these for your little kids packed lunchboxs - they wont complain. As for you 20/30-something year old ChocolateMission reader - grab a CLUB, kick back to the YouTube clip above and enjoy a taste of the 90s again!

8.0 out of 10