July 12th: Thorntons Antioxi-Choc Berry Boost

Kcal 492 Fat 34.4g Fat(sats) 21.6g Carbs 34.5g (per 100.0g)

You may recall that not long ago we wrote a not so positive review about some chocolates from a company named Prestat Choxi. Choxi claim that they make "exceptional chocolate that's naturally good for you - a truly positive indulgence". That claim literally had us banging our heads against the desk - trying to give consumers the impression that your chocolate is good for their health is by all means ridiculous. With that said you can imagine we weren't all that excited when ChocolateMission reader Rachel asked us to review this Thorntons Antioxi-choc Berry Boost. Claiming to be a "healthy boost for body and mind" this 'raspberry flavoured dark chocolate with wild blueberries' was similarly claiming to have provide health benefits thanks to the Acticoa cocoa bean constituents. Yet again we were wondering what ever happened to manufacturers just making good tasting chocolate?

As you will have ascertained from the photography above, this Antioxi-Choc Berry Boost bar came as a flavour in Thorntons square bars range and weighed in at 80.0g. Ignoring all the on-pack blurb, we thought the choice of colour for the flavour variety was sensible and made the bar stand out on the shelf next to the all of the rest of the green coloured varieties haha! As with most of the other variants the chocolate came packaged in a silver foil wrap which held within it some amazingly tempting fruity dark chocolates scents. The chocolate smelt very alluring with it's rich cocoa hints so it wasn't surprising to see that the bar was very darkly coloured, it was almost jet black.

After filtering out all the rubbish about health benefits we stumbled across the strength of the bar on the wrapper which stated a strong sounding (for Thorntons anyway!) 63% cocoa recipe. The promise of 7% blueberries and natural flavourings also sounded decent, so combined with the pleasant smells we were looking forward to giving the bar a taste. We tasted this chocolate during a mid-afternoon coffee break, and it has to be said we were all mightily impressed. As soon as the chocolate started melting on the tongue the cocoa flavours were immediately forthcoming and were quickly joined by a generous red berry sweetness that balanced the taste beautifully. The raspberry flavouring was just right in strength, neither understated or over dominant, and most important was very 'real' tasting and non-artificial. Sat amongst the chocolate a very generous amount of juicy blueberries were spread throughout, which all further enhanced the variable fruity taste and left a lasting zingy berry impression in the mouth long after the smooth smelt had ebbed away. The depth of flavour offered by this bar was very impressive - all four of us that tried it devoured the entire thing in a matter of minutes.

Overall once we had got past all of the health benefit claims guff on the packaging we got nothing but sheer enjoyment out of this chocolate. The strength of the dark chocolate was sound - it wasn't the greatest tasting we have ever had but it was fair in flavour and was a near perfect match for the fruit constituents as it allowed full expression of both in the taste whilst providing an chocolate flavour hit. As described above the real delight of this chocolate came from the quality of both the two different fruit elements. The raspberry flavouring was expertly integrated in to the chocolate, and the blueberries were terrific in their impact on the overall taste and texture. Combined they made for a very progressive and variable taste experience that exceeded all our expectations. This isn't a chocolate we will be recommending for the wonders it will do for you health wise :D , but we would be more than happy recommending it as a high quality fruity dark chocolate. Blueberry and chocolate offerings are very hard to come by here in the UK, if this one sounds like your sort of thing we suggest you give it a try.

8.6 out of 10