July 15th: Hotel Chocolat Even Less Sugar H-Box Selection

We are slowly but surely making our way through all of the selection boxes Hotel Chocolat recently sent our way. The variety of the boxes included both new and old selections - some totally new collections of truffles, and others refreshed versions of former favourites. One of the ones we hadn't previously reviewed was this Hotel Chocolat Even Less Sugar H-Box Selection.

Hotel Chocolat justify the creation of this product for reason two-fold. Firstly 'Less sugar, more cocoa' is their chocolate philosophy. The packaging states this results in more 'cocoa satisfaction with less empty calories' - Okie dokie :-) The second reason cited on the box is that this particular collection is diabetic diet friendly - the less sugar according to them making the collection a 'particularly good choice'.

Marketing blurb to one side it was time to put the chocolates through the ChocolateMission rating system. The box itself contained 14 chocolates that was made up of 9 different offerings. For a Hotel Chocolat chocolate selection we thought the presentation was a little unexciting. Dont get us wrong it all looked classy but compared to other Hotel Chocolat boxes the pieces themselves looked very alike and dare we say a little boring.

The first pieces we treated ourselves to were the Chocolate Batons. Offering the stronger 50% milk chocolate and ChocolateMission all time favourite 85% dark, these as you can imagine went down rather well. Both high quality, smooth melting, cocoa fuelled pleasures. Superb.

The next batch contained the 70% Milk Canape, Hazelnut & Ginger Crunch and Gianduja Bombe. Again these were all highly regarded chocolates that we were all familiar with from former experiences. The two Gianduja Bombes were the first to disappear and hailed for their hazelnut licked, melty textures. The other two weren't as clamoured for but the old man was more than satisfied getting his ginger chocolate pangs cured by the Ginger & Hazelnut Crunch - Very Good.

Lastly the Chilli Praline, Orange Praline, Dark 70% Praline and Pistachio Praline came under the microscope. All we can say is thank heavens we adore Hotel Chocolat for their praline excellence - had we not there would have been very little enjoyment to be had here!! Between the three of us that  tried this box out we all gravitated towards our favourites so by and large these were all given high scores by those that tried. The chilli delivered hazelnut heat, the orange genuine fruityness, the pistachio extra nutty butteryness and the 70% a rich cocoa hazelnut feast - all Very Good.

Overall this Hotel Chocolat Even Less Sugar H-Box Selection brought all the usual Hotel Chocolat truffle excellence but in a slightly less glamorous fashion than usual. We are obviously spoilt trying so many different Hotel Chocolat selections but this one in particular just seemed less special than other we have tried recently. The lack of colour and offerings outside of the pralines made these quite a limited selection that those who are not fans of hazelnut will not be able to derive much pleasure from. Luckily for us here (and probably many others!!) we are proponents of their pralines so this was a non-issue. It's worth bearing in mind though if buying for yourself or others as a gift though - there might be more suitable Hotel Chocolat collections to consider.

7.7 out of 10