July 17th: Cadbury Crispello Vanilla Velvet

Kcal 55 Fat 3.5g Fat(sats) 1.8g Carbs 5.3g (per 10.0g piece)

Cadbury aren't holding back with the new product launches at the moment and the latest has to be one of the more predictable that has come our way. As you will see in our glorious photography above, Cadbury have extended the current Cadbury Crispello range (Cadbury Crispello Double Choc - See HERE) with this all new Cadbury Crispello Vanilla Velvet offering. Anyone with any knowledge of the Milka range abroad will have been well aware of the existence of a vanilla Crispello variety already on offer throughout Europe - See HERE. It was almost a no-brainer that we were going to see the UK Cadbury Crispello range introduce this flavour at one point - it should be available to all you folk right now (late July 2013 launch date!).

The launch of the Cadbury Crispello Vanilla Velvet will be supported by a £2.5m UK marketing investment and will include a TV advertising campaign that we should see on screens from August. The bars each weigh 30.0g and are broken into three 10.0g pieces. The Vanilla Velvet will likely RRP for around £0.50-£0.60, obviously highly dependent on where you buy it from! The product weight/price ratio was never going to be one the attractive parts of the new proposition, but the ChocolateMission team liked the style of presentation and had similar positive musings about the matted foil wrapper and bar format from the Double Choc variant. When cracked open the vanilla filling had an attractive look versus the darker coloured chocolate shell and did offer a pleasant vanilla fragrance.

Thankfully we received a number of samples of this bar so the whole team got their own to try. The majority of us that tried it felt like it was a satisfactory chocolate treat to consume as a mid-afternoon snack and that it gave the little sugar burst required to keep the long working afternoon munchies in check. Some members of the team (the more masculine Snickers-ra-ra part of the crew!!) felt the 30.0g constituents was a little lacking in size though on the taste front there was more uniformity. Collectively all of us liked the milk chocolate and vanilla filling combination and thought the proportions of both were well balanced. The provision of the initial Cadbury milk chocolate flavour hit and following creamier vanilla dairy flavours went down and the smoothness of the filling delivered the velvety feel promised by the name. We all felt the maltyness of the wafer was more pronounced than in the Crispello Double Choc - an added bonus to those who were after more of biscuity taste experience.

Overall our lasting impressions with the new Cadbury Crispello Vanilla Velvet were predominantly positive and a number of the ChocolateMission panel remarked they would consider a further future purchase. We can imagine that half the challenge for Cadbury with this launch is going to be getting the usual Kinder Bueno lovers to convert to trying out this new alternative - who knows the lacking nut content may be something they can play off as a differentiator versus that particular proposition. The Cadbury Crispello format has always struck us here at ChocolateMission as having great potential, there are several other flavours they could perhaps think about - caramel? caramel and nuts? fruit flavours? This Vanilla Velvet probably wont bring the house down for anyone but its a welcome addition nonetheless if we are going by the 'more-the-merrier' perspective.

7.5 out of 10