July 19th: U-NO

Kcal 250 Fat 17.0g Fat(sats) 11.0g Carbs 22.0g

Upon first reading an e-mail from our friends at AmericanSoda we thought they were offering us some classic family friendly card game antics!!! Following further reading however we soon realised that our pals were actually offering us the opportunity to review an all-time American classic candy bar - one that has actually been in existence since 1920 so our further research tells us. Indeed it appears the U-NO candy bar was first produced by the Cardinet Candy Company in the 1920s. Annabelle Candy Company acquired Cardinet and the U-NO brand in 1978 and to this day it is still produced by them.

This bar has recently come into the @AmericanSoda range and comes in a 42.0g form. The wrapper is very simplistic and has a nice, no frills vintage look that I think represents the proposition well. The packaging is dominated by the bold U-NO branding and carries and on pack descriptor no more complicated than 'Creamy milk chocolate'. The scents released by the foil wrapper upon opening offered mild chocolatey smells with a small touch of nuttyness - a nice indicative sense of what was going to be on offer in the taste test. In hand the bar was a little messy due to its crumbly, melty nature - this wasn't anything a accompanying bit of paper towel couldn't solve though.

Given the light nature of the bar ingredients, but the reasonable 42.0g size the bar was actually on the largish side in terms of size - think of a 3Musketeers type comparison! Biting into the bar the texture was pretty different to expectations. We were expecting more of a chewy, nougat type experience, however the centre of offer was more of a melty, soft quick transitioning mouth feel. The type of ingredients used to create this experience (oils and trans fats inclusive gubbins!!) may not meet everyones approval but from a pure snacking perspective it at least gave a nice differentiated experience from the norm. Taste wise the chocolate experience wasn't anything special - a simply milk based, sugary cocoa flavour journey was enhanced by a mild hint of buttery nuttyness with the inclusion of some small pieces of almond. Collectively the U-NO did deliver a satisfactory chocolate flavour hit - it was a sensible size for the type of bar.

Overall this was a bar that the team struggled to rate as it was a differentiated offering yet at the same time a little unspectacular. To label the U-NO as a fantastic chocolate bar that you cannot simply miss out of on would be total misguidance. We are sure there are probably a number of American's themselves that wouldn't of heard of it despite it's near 100 year existence. On the other hand though, if its a classic American chocolate bar you are after that does offer something not totally like anything we have here in the UK then the U-NO is a product well worth checking out. The U-NO is chocolate genius but it is still around for a reason.

7.4 out of 10