July 1st: Meiji Pucca Choco Pretzel

Meiji Pucca Choco Pretzel - Kcal 264  Fat 13.4g  Fat(sats) 7.5g  Carbs 32.1g
Meiji Pucca Double Choco Pretzel - Kcal 264  Fat 13.7g  Fat(sats) 7.7g  Carbs 31.1g

Our friends over at American Soda recently got in contact informing us that they were now expanding horizons to products further afield than just America. In addition to their wide range of American snacks, candy and soda they are are now buying in goodies from the likes of Japan, Australia and Canada - check it all out HERE. Not wanting to let the see this announcement go uncelebrated, we said send some of their favourite new snacks over for us to review.

Today we are going to show you these Meiji Pucca Choco Pretzel. These according to the packaging are a product of Singapore and are popular in a lot of the Far East countries. The two flavours we tried today were the original 'Choco Pretzel' and the very appetising 'Double Choco Pretzel'. Both varieties came in 50.0g boxes that contained single foil wrapper bags of pretzel pieces. Aesthetically they looked pretty cool and they reminded us of the Pepperbridge Farm Goldfish snacks you can buy in America.

So how did they measure up on the taste test!?? Well they did rather well :-) Both flavours were pretty simple in construct - outer crunchy pretzel shells with cocoa cream filings inside. Out of the two the Double Choco Pretzel were the first to gobbled up. We found these to have a little more flavour to them and seeming the small additional note of cocoa to the outer pretzel made the overall chocolate flavour hit that little bit stronger. That said not all agreed with this conclusion - some of the tasting panel thought the subtly savouryness of the plain pretzel was more complimentary to the chocolatey sweet filings. 

Overall we could have debated all day which of these was the better but I guess that really needs saying is that the contents of both boxes soon made a disappearing act not long after they were opened  If you look at the ChocolateMission archives you will see that we are big fans of sweet/savoury combinations, especially ones that involve salty pretzels and chocolate :-) These Meiji Pucca are as good as any you will find so thumbs up to American Soda for bringing in another quality product to their line up that doesn't fall within their usual area of expertise. 

8.0 out of 10