July 24th: Twix Mix

Kcal 175 Fat 8.3g Fat(sats) 4.9g Carbs(sugars) 18.0g (per 35.0g)

'Grab a MIX for the perfect taste of Twix' - what!?? Even before we read that we were really struggling not to have this review not turn in to a full scale rant on how these new Twix Mix pouches were lacking in creative juices. We let Cadbury get away with their rather lazy effort of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Pebbles onMonday as they have so many NEW products coming out at the moment. The lack of thought power on their part for the Pebbles was deemed passable but I'm afraid to say the reaction from the team to the Twix Mix proposition was less than enthusiastic.

Carrying that rather lazy (and non-sensical!!) marketing slogan, the Twix Mix came in a 140.0g styled in the usual gold and red coloured Twix branding. The sound of 'milk chocolates with assorted centres' was a little more exciting than the reality - the two different pieces inside were milk chocolate covered bits of shortcake biscuit and caramel. Opening the pack a pleasant array of sweet chocolate scents emanated - no signs of the caramel or biscuit on offer but appealing nonetheless.

Pouring out handfuls amongst the team a number remarked how small the pieces were. They were admittedly smaller than we had anticipated - about the size of M&Ms rather than the likes of Galaxy Minstrels or other similar Mars products. To be honest this didn't particularly bother us or really effect our enjoyment of the chocolates, our earlier dismay at the proposition and on-pack marketing was thankfully a bit of an afterthought after our third and fourth handfuls :-) The combination of the standard Mars milk chocolate and both biscuit and caramel centres delivered the usual Twix experience. The compelling synergy of biscuity, sweet and salty chocolate flavours was altogether delicious - the different textural offerings of chewy, crunchy and smooth melting chocolate was also welcome and the russian roulette nature of not knowing quite what you were getting from each piece made the experience of each handful interesting.

Overall whilst the Twix Mix pouches don't offer anything new or innovative they are ultimately providing the Twix experience which we think we can all agree isn't a bad thing. Of course it would have been nice for Mars UK to bring us something totally new and different, though when you look at it from their perspective you can see why they choose to maximise brands like Twix to the maximum when they can churn out products like Twix Mix that they know everyone will love. Whilst we don't like to promote lazy new product development we simply cant give anything but a thumbs up to the Twix Mix. If you are wanting a tasty chocolate caramel and biscuit combination Twix is the undoubtedly the way to go.

8.1 out of 10