July 29th: Lindt Hello Summer Collection 2013 - Part 1

Its very likely that the majority of you have only just been made aware of Lindt's latest range launch Lindt 'Hello My Name Is ...' We first got sight of that range back in November 2012 - (See HERE) and since then it has made its way to UK shores as of June 2013.

Well if those four flavours weren't enough for you Lindt has come introduced another FIVE, yes, FIVE summer limited edition flavours. As of writing we are unaware if they are going to make it to UK's stores, but be sure to check out the Lindt online store (See HERE) if you fancy giving some of them a try. The samples we tried had German descriptors and on-pack blurb so we think you might well have to be hitting the Lindt online store if these do tickle your fancy.

Over the next few days we will be telling you what we made of each of the flavours. We trialled these in their 'chocolate stick' 35.0/39.0g formats, though you will also be able to find them in larger 100.0g square blocks. 

Lindt Hello Berry Affair
Kcal 566 Fat 37.0g Carbs 52.0g (per 100.0g)

Combining a 'cherry & blackberry yoghurt filling in white chocolate' this was one of the more exciting looking propositions and it displayed a nice set of red berry fruity scents when relieved from its foil confines. The filling looked colourful agaisnt the white chocolate and looked full of dried fruit pieces about the size of small granules. Taste wise the white chocolate provided a smooth intial milkyness though it was the tart, strong red fruit influences that stamped authority on the taste. The cherry and blackberry offered a sourer flavour journey to the usual sweet strawberry fillings which was nice as it brought a sense of flavour development and progression to the party. Some remarked that the large size of the dried fruit pieces were a little clumsy mouthfeel wise, though on the whole this was one of the more liked options from the selection of five.

8.4 out of 10

Lindt Hello Coffee Blast
Kcal 569 Fat 38.0g Carbs 49.0g (per 100.0g)

Jim had this one well and truley ear-marked given his love for coffee chocolates and was the first he reached for from the selection. Described as 'creamy coffee filling wrapped in milk chocolate' the chocoalte displayed a nice roasted bean set of scents out the pack and hardly failed to damper the sky-high expectations of the taste panel. Suffice to say the taste was of a similar high quality and offered a very agreeable milk chocolate flavour hit before leading into the coffee focused centre. The creamy flavours were a little more 'yogurty' and sour than expected (notice the colour differentiation of the filling from wrapper to 'real-life'), however this was still a nice foil for the nicely balanced fresh coffee bean flavours that arose as the melt developed. The melt itself was smooth, sensous and thick enough to leave a lasting flavour impression in the mouth. It could of perhaps been even better with a dark chocolate outer coating but it was an oustanding milk chocolate in its own right. Recommended. 

8.7 out of 10

Be sure to check into ChocolateMission Wednesday where we check out the final three flavours in the range!! Drop us a line @Chocmission with any of your thoughts!