Something for the weekend ... Smirnoff Flavoured Vodkas

We get a lot of different brands, companies and organisations contacting us daily wanting us to feature their products on the site. Questionable relevance to the site, us insisting we get to say what we want about the products we recieve, and us not thinking you guys would want to hear about them in the first place - these are the most common reasons for why most of these features never materialise.

Our feature today however didn't conflict with any of these issues - Smirnoff approached us a few weeks ago offering us the chance to try out their full range of flavoured vodkas. Armed with a licence to say what we wanted about them we thought you guys might want to hear the ChocolateMission team view on the range.

Know as you all know we aren't huge spirits drinks but boy did we haven fun with these. Smirnoff have recently added a whole host of flavours to their standard Red, Black and Blue label plain vodkas - namely Apple, Lime, Blueberry, Espresso, Vanilla.

All of the flavours come in 70cl sizes and came be found in most of the UK supermarkets. The bottles are aligned in presentation style to the standard labels though you might want to keep an eye-out telling the difference between the Lime and Apple flavours which are only differentiated by quite a subtle change of green colour shade on bottle cap and label.

With five different flavours at hand (aswell as a few Red Label originals!!!) we split the task of trying these across a few weeks before attempting to write our report up (if anyone is wondering we have maintained some level of soberity across these weeks haha!!).

Pictured - Espresso, Blueberry and Green Apple
Armed with mixers a plenty we worked our way through the range trying them with Coke, Tonic, Lemonade ... we even got adventurous trying out a few cocktails!! We found that both the Blueberry and Apple flavours were very nice when mixed with Lemonade and other fruit juices. Paired with Coke they weren't quite as suitable, however when drank with other fruity mixers they both mixed very nicely indeed providing very smooth vodka tastes.

The Lime flavour was well recieved by the Mojito lovers in the team. It obviously didn't offer quite the same rum fueled experience that the Cuban favourite does, but from a practicality point of view the team loved how they could literally mix the Lime vodka with a dash of soda etc and they had a somewhat similar offering in just a matter of seconds. Paired with ice cold Coke it was similarly enjoyable as a rather dangerous citrus noted refreshment.

Pictured - Red Label Original, Lime and Vanilla
Now for the favourites .... the Vanilla and Espresso flavours. The ladies in the ChocolateMission were very large advocates of the Vanilla variant. My instant thought was that they had been pairing it with the obvious Coke etc, though it happens that got a little more adventurous and chose to make some white Russians. Their feedback there was that it was 'dangerously delicious' and that it was so smooth tasting 'it was hard to tell their was vodka in their drinks' - haha you know when your in trouble when it comes to that :-)

As for the Espresso this is one I took on myself (Jim writing this!). As a big coffee fan I really did enjoy this and liked how the coffee flavouring came across as genuine and not fake at all. I tried pairing it with several different mixers though my actual preference in the end was to drink it with a simple dash of soda water as the coffee element brought enough flavour to the party on its own. 

The verdict then1? Vodka drinkers get your skates on and try these out! If its cocktails you are interested in the Vanilla and fruit flavours offer you a very quick means of making them without the hassle of compiling all sorts of different odds and ends. The Espresso flavour is the most niche out of the lot but if you are a coffee lover we have every confidence you will love this.

.... we hope you enjoyed our special 'Something for the weekend' post - all feedback welcome @Chocmission of course. Its been a little change up from the normal but we will be back Monday and back with a chocolate review :-) One thing is for sure is that it wont be a liqueur chocolate review - I think we need a few weeks on the wagon :-)