August 23rd: Green & Black's Sea Salt / Spiced Chilli

It seems like forever since we last did a review of a Green & Black's product but there have been a few new additions made to the range as of late so we thought we would check them out for you.

We found both of these flavours in our local supermarket (Tesco), priced just over £2.00 each for the 100.0g bars. They came packaged in the usual Green & Black's wrappers in their respective light blue and red colours, and were segmented the same way each of the other bars come with the small sized blocks. It seems obvious to us that Green & Black's are going to have to start thinking about their wrapper designs soon - they seem to be fast running out of colours as these were very similar looking to other offerings already in the range - Green & Black's Creamy Milk See HERE & Green & Black's Maya Gold HERE.

Green & Black's Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt
Kcal 560 Fat 36.0g Fat(sats) 21.5g Carbs 47.5g (per 100.0g)

This bar came described as 'Organic milk chocolate with Anglesey sea salt' and was certainly the one out of the two that most were more looking forward to trying. Aroma wise the bar didn't lead on that it was anything different to a normal milk chocolate, and the first initial flavours generated by the taste did little to dispute this. As the chocolate developed in it's latter melt stages, a small saltyness did however become detectable and as the wrapper proclaimed it did highlight the soft caramel notes detectable amongst the mild cocoa and cream flavoured taste. The salt was subtle, yet strong enough and it did bring some more livelyness to what was originally a rather run-of the-mill milk chocolate offering. The salt element was enhancing, yet not over powering or spoiling. It's not the finest instance of salt use in chocolate but it was a decent enough chocolate.

7.9 out 10

Green & Black's Dark Chocolate with Spiced Chilli
Kcal 550 Fat 37.0g Fat(sats) 22.0g Carbs 42.5g (Per 100.0g)

This was a chocolate that sparked many an opinion amongst the taste panel - unfortunately most of it disgust! Poor old Jim, we think he is still scrubbing away any remanants of this chocolate from his mouth :-) this chocolate came described as 'Organic dark chocolate with mixed spice and chilli flavouring' - we probably should have paid more attention to this before we started dishing it out for us all to try. This chocoalte did not go down well at all with the tasting panel - one person described it as 'a concoction of overpowering random spices with a note of chilli and hint of chocolate'. Nearly unaminously it was agreed that the spices element to this chocolate was way too strong with the clove, pepper and star anise spices generating a taste likened to 'chinese 5 spice' by some. The 60% dark chocolate simply couldn't cope with the strength of the spices, and though the warming mouth feel of the chilli was liked it did little to distract from the overwhelming, non-pleasant taste.

4.2 out of 10

Overall you need only look at the scores to see which of the two we would recommend. The Green & Black's with Spiced Chilli is not a chocolate for those who prefer plainer tasting chocolates. The Green & Black's with Sea Salt is almost the complete opposite - its a chocolate only mildly affected by the sea salt element and would be a nice way of introducing yourself to a salt enhanced chocoalte should you wish to try the combination at some point.