August 28th: Jameson's Chocolate Caramels

Kcal 465 Fat 21.7g Carbs 63.7g (per 100.0g) 

Its been a heck of a long time since we last featured a product from the UK brand Jameson's! In fact you will have to go as far back as June 2008 in the ChocolateMission archives to find our review of the UK classic Jameson's Ruffle Raspberry - See HERE. A quick look at our score of 6.8 will tell you we didn't think all that much of them, hence why we hadn't returned to the brand since that time. Well under guidance of our pals at Manchester Pickers we today let Jameson's have a deserved second chance. Our contact there sent us over some of these Jameson's Chocolate Caramels - another classic offering from the Jameson's line.

Our friends @MancPickers sent us a large bag in which they kindly packed in around 20 or so individual sweets (Its cool you can specify the quantity you wish to buy on their website - HERE). Each piece came tightly wrapped in very nice looking gold foil wrappers and did a nice job maintaining each of the chocolates in fine condition. The Jameson's branding was subtle yet still reassuringly placed on each wrapper - a touch we always like to see. The chocolates themselves were undecorated though they did offer some very nice chocolatey scents when unwrapped.

Looking back at our Jameson's Ruffle Raspberry review we were obviously very unimpressed by the standard of the plain chocolate used so it was with great delight for us to quickly learn that these were coated with milk chocolate. Whilst doing the cross-section photo for the review it also came to our attention that these were hard, chewy caramels and not of the soft centre kind like your Cadbury Caramel. With that awareness there was only one way to subsequently eat these - place them in the mouth, let the chocolate melt away and then suck on the hard caramel. This indeed was the best way for them to be enjoyed and facilitated a flavour taste journey consisting of a fair to average milk chocolate that was later enhanced by an enjoyable caramel. The outer chocolate was regarded as a little unspectacular however the inner caramel was liked by all with its creamy butteryness highlighted as very tasty. The hardness of the caramel meant these had great mouth longevity meaning they were very satisfying; just one piece could be enjoyed for a lengthy amount of time.

Overall we weren't bowled over by these Jameson's Chocolate Caramels but we can still for the main part say we enjoyed them and would certainly entertain the idea of having them again in the future. If you are after a grandioso chocolate experience you are looking in the wrong place but even these provided a decent enough chocolate flavour hit to satisfy that craving. What we can confidently say is that Jameson's Chocolate Caramels have above average inner caramel which was highly thought of by the ChocolateMission tasting panel. Whilst we wouldn't recommend you go out of your way to buying some of these we think they are a good option for adding just a cheeky few to a bigger Manchester Pickers order as their satisfying nature make them a great grazing option for a somewhere like the workplace, school etc.

7.0 out of 10