August 2nd: Lindt Hello Chocolate Bits

Kcal 190 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 19.0g (per 3 pieces)

Finishing off our Lindt love fest this week we today take you back to UK shores taking a look at this Lindt Hello Chocolate Bits selection box. This all NEW Lindt offering has been released in tandem with the Lindt 'Hello My Name Is' range and should be available to you all in the likes of Sainsburys supermarkets etc. The release of this new Lindt collection comes at a pretty timely manner given that the schools are breaking up, courses are finishing etc. The question is whether Lindt have made a gift worth giving!? Described by Lindt as 'Perfect to sweeten someones day' they certainly believed this to be the case.

The Lindt Hello Chocolate Bits collections comes in a 100.0g box comprised of nine chocolates. The style and presentation is highly aligned to the 'Hello My Name Is' range with the jet black background colour decorated with the somewhat funky silver coloured font. The style may be a little departed from your standard Lindt offerings however we think the range has given the brand a refreshing edigier feel to the its usual straight-bat European suaveness. Upon opening the box it soon became apparent that there were three different chocolate types on offer, each were crafted in the cute looking heart and branded block shapes you see in our pictures.

The three different chocolates on offer were milk chocolates filled with caramel brownie, cookies & cream and praline crunch fillings. These were all three of the four different flavours taken from the Lindt 'Hello My Name Is' bars and as you would expect delivered almost identical taste experiences. As discovered with the individual chocolates, the Praline Crunch was the plainest of the three chocolates. The woody hazelnut flavours weren't the strongest, though the crunch pieces added an interesting mouth feel and biscuity element to the taste. Suffice to say the Caramel Brownie stayed a firm favourite with the delicious, powerful creamy cocoa flavours enhanced by a gloriously sticky, soft buttery caramel. The Cookies & Cream flavour again had its fans with the extra creamy filling brilliantly incorporating the crunchy cocoa nibs which further created textural interest.

Overall whilst we were impressed by the chocolates we did feel there were some minor limitations to this Lindt Hello Chocolate Bits selection. We were happy with all of the flavours included however we were left scratching our heads as to why Lindt didn't also include the Strawberry Cheesecake flavour to add further variety. That fruit offering would have been much differentiated from the other three flavours in the selection and could of potentially broadened the appeal to a wider audience of fruity chocolate lovers. Whilst we feel the box deserves a relatively good rating given the quality of the chocolates we cant quite recommend it as a truley outstanding gifting option. You might have to be looking at Hotel Chocolat or other Lindt offerings there.

7.5 out of 10