August 30th: Lindt Creation Heavenly Creme Brulee

Kcal 573 Fat 39.0g Fat(sats) 24.0g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)

In the last 12 months Lindt have launched some fantastic new products with their Lindt Creation range a standout new of line bars here in the UK. We reviewed the first four varieties back in October 2012 (HERE) and November 2012 (HERE), and since then they have recently added to the line up with the bar we have reviewed today. This Lindt Creation Heavenly Creme Brulee is indeed the newest bar to make it market - you should now be able to find it in the likes of Tesco, Sainsburys etc. On the wrapper a very tempting descriptor of 'extra fine milk chocolate with caramelised pieces of sugar and creme filling' had our anticipation sky-high.

This bar came in a standard 100.0g size and in a 2x4 chunky block format. To our non-surprise everything about the presentation oozed class with the cardboard packet and tin foul wrapper combination ensuring both style and freshness. The on-pack picture of the cross-sectioned chocolate made it look outstanding and the genuine product didn't disappoint with the white plentiful filling and inner sugar pieces clearly evident between thick milk chocolate surroundings. Aroma wise it was a little less compelling though it wasn't as if we stuck around smelling this one for too long :-)

No doubt you will have peeked at the score already so without wanting to beat around the bush lets just be upfront and say this was a very, very good bar of chocolate. This Lindt Creation Heavenly Creme Brulee managed to incorporate all of what was great about the sadly departed Lindt Petits Desserts Creme Brulee (See HERE), and yet take it on a little further by giving it a more substantial overall feel. The same delicious crisp milky sweet chocolate and gorgeous creamy filling were all familiar, though the greater portioning of the latter in this new offering meant it was an experience longer sustained. The crunchy pieces of burnt brown sugar consistently created a delightful play on the smooth melty textures and their caramel like taste meant they were enhancing than purely just added sweetness. This bar was consumed by two of us in a single sitting - thank heavens there were an even number of blocks as there would have been a fight for the last piece.

Overall this Lindt Creation Heavenly Creme Brulee will likely be one of the ones we look back upon at the end of the year when picking our ChocolateMission 2013 awards. It really was that good  and we enjoyed it immensely from the very first block to the very last. One thing we will say about the packaging is that although it looks very classy it is extremely similar to some of the others in the Lindt Creation range so it would be very easy to not notice it if you weren't on the look out for it. Hopefully given our glowing review and big time recommendation this wont be something you fall foul of. This is a bar you should go out your way to buy if it sounds your sort of thing. We can say with every confidence it wont leave you disappointed.

9.1 out of 10