August 5th: Hotel Chocolat H-Box Praline Selection

We've recently had the pleasure of trying all of Hotel Chocolat's revamped H-Box selection boxes and in true ChocolateMission style we have saved one of the best until last. The focus of the review today is this Hotel Chocolat H-Box Praline Selection - a collection that Hotel Chocolat themselves describe as a collection of truffles with 'chocolate and nuts in perfect harmony'. Given our previous experiences with Hotel Chocolat's amazing praline chocolates we saw little reason to doubt this so we were tremendously excited to be trying this one.

This Hotel Chocolat H-Box Praline Selection consisted of 14 chocolate pieces of which there were 10 different varieties. With the theme of the selection clearly focused on pralines (duhhh!) we were surprised to see the wide variety of different flavours on offer. As you will see below this mixture of truffles was really very varied, ranging from basic hazelnut pralines to the elaborate Florentine Isabella offering.

Before getting into the specific chocolates we must of course make mention of the wonderful presentation of both box and truffles.As ever the Hotel Chocolat quality standards were superb with the outer packaging establishing a premium look and feel from the outset. This was all further compounded by the appearance of the inner chocolates - all unique and accurate in regards to their representation in the accompanying menu.

The first three pieces you see above were some of the plainer offerings in the box - The Pecan Praline, Dizzy Praline and Mocha Praline. The Pecan praline offered a more buttery nut taste whilst the Dizzy Praline established a creamier initial flavour journey - Very Good. Out of the three the Mocha Praline was the standout for me - thank heavens this was one of the pieces portioned twice :-) we couldn't get enough of the nutty roasted coffee hazelnut flavours - Superb.

Next up three of the more complex pieces offered further chocolate and nut amazingness. The Double Nut Praline shown on the left was again just Superb - salted almond and woody hazelnut working in perfect tandem. The Pecan Brownie at the back was a more cocoa intensive version of the aforementioned Pecan Praline - Very Good. The Orange Praline (guess which one haha!) could have been a tiny bit fruitier though by this point criticisms seemed a little ridiculous to be making - Good.

Lastly the familiar Gianduja Bombe, Pistachio Praline, Chilli Praline and Florentine Isabella rounded off what was an amazing selection. The others we have lauded about already in reviews of the revamped selections recently - one perhaps that hasn't featured as much as it should have done the Florentine Isabella encapsulates everything that Hotel Chocolat are all about - a cocoa laden, variable textured biscuity caramelised praline - we could eat these all day Superb.

Overall we don't want to tell you how good this Hotel Chocolat H-Box Praline Selection is - we want you to go out and try it for yourself if chocolate and nut combinations are your thing.We already knew of Hotel Chocolat's capabilities in this area so to be treated to selection box that lived up to its billing was nothing other than a thrilling experience to behold. The collection manages to keep the quality of the pralines high, whilst also mixing up the flavours to create further interest. Every piece in the selection would have a shout for the title of best chocolate, but personally I (Jim) would have a real hard time picking between the Mocha Praline, Pistachio Praline and Florentine Isabella as the winner. If helping me out determine which of them it is isn't a big enough excuse then I don't know what is :-) A real treat of epic proportions for all chocolate nut fans.

9.0 out of 10