August 7th: Kellogg's Pop Tarts Red Velvet

Kcal 190 Fat 4.5g Fat(sats) 1.5g Carbs 36.0g (Per pastry)

Anyone taking a look through the archives may think they have stumbled across the 'Pop Tart Mission' given the amount of different flavours we have reviewed over the years. Despite only a handful containing chocolate, we've endeavoured to try and cover off the whole Pop Tarts range - a seemingly impossible task given most are only released in the US and the endless amounts of limited editions. Luckily we have on the ball site partners who help us out get hold of all the newest flavours - thanks must be directed at our pals at Manchester Pickers (see HERE) for supplying the stock for todays review.

Manchester Pickers have managed to get some of the newest Pop Tarts limited edition flavours (On sale, right now and in very limited stock - See HERE #cheapplugend). Amongst the samples they sent over we today got our lips round these Red Velvet cake flavoured toaster pastries - our UK readers can quickly swot up on what exactly Red Velvet cake is by heading to our pals over at WIKI (See HERE). As with most Pop Tarts flavours these came in a 400.0g box that contained 8 pastries and carried a description of 'sweet cream-cheese-flavoured filling in a red velvety crust, topped with vanilla icing and sprinkles'.

As you can see from our photos these were some of the most distinctive looking Pop Tarts we have ever tried with red coloured pastry and sprinkles very much standing out against the pale coloured frosting placed on-top. Some of the taste testing crew were a little perturbed by the colour of their breakfast :-) though hot from the toaster the pastries smelt amazing and emanated some sweet bakery fresh cake scents that filled our kitchen with some very inviting aromas. Being UK based we obviously aren't too clued up on the accuracy of them to real Red Velvet cake, but we delighted to say they held their end of the bargain taste wise. Initially the combination of the pastry and icing topping made for a very sweet, generic Pop Tart flavour experience, however the inner filling had a vanilla cheesecake like quality to it. This filling not only balanced the sweetness but ultimately made for a progressive flavour experience that offered more than a lot of other Pop Tarts flavours reviewed previous.

Overall the ChocolateMission team very much enjoyed these Kellogg's Pop Tarts Red Velvet and we thought they were one of the better flavours we have tried in recent times. We've found in the past that Pop Tarts can often taste very similar and offer a 'familiar' flavour experience. This wasn't the case with these Red Velvet as the filling really brought them on a step further and made them stand out.  Red Velvet cake may not have the kudos here in the UK than it does in the US but by its own merit this is a flavour we think would be enjoyed by all Pop Tarts fans. We recommend these to all Pop Tarts fans though we have to unfortunately inform you all that these are 'Limited Edition' so you will have to stock up now if you take a liking to them like we did.

8.0 out of 10

You can buy these Kellogg's Pop Tarts Red Velvet over at Manchester Pickers - See HERE