August 9th: Hershey Kit Kat Dark (US)

Kcal 210 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 27.0g (per bar)

Thoroughness has always been the name of the game here at ChocolateMission so when it came to our attention via reader Sophie that we hadn't fulled reviewed the entire Hershey Kit Kat range it was a no brainer to contact our friends @AmericanSoda. For five years .... yes FIVE years now the guys at AmericanSoda have been fulfilling our American snack, food and candy ... you name it ... all our American goodies requirements. Suffice to say the piece missing from out Hershey Kit Kat puzzle was being stocked so with no little effort than a cheeky e-mail we had the Hershey Kit Kat Dark in-hand and ready for a ChocolateMission review.

The bar came in a 42.0g size identical to the milk and white equivalents that we had reviewed back in February 2011 (See HERE). It was surprising to see that even though two years had passed the wrapper was almost exactly the same as it was from the range we had in 2011. We weren't expectant of huge differentiation but to see no changes in over two years would be quite an uncommon occurance for most UK products. Suffice to say we weren't at all surprised to see the bar take a traditional four-finger Kit Kat form. The chocolate was noticeably darker in shade than the milk equivalent and radiated a nice set of chocolatey scents once opened.

Despite extensive air-miles and warm weather postage conditions the team were pleased to hear that the bar broke apart with a satisfying snap which gave good indication that the bar was still in a fresh state condition. We traditionally eat Kit Kat's as mid-afternoon snacks here @ChocMission HQ so tucking into this American Hershey version wasn't exactly much of a change of behaviour. When it came to the resulting taste test the experience from the UK norm dark chocolate Kit Kat wasn't exactly that differentiated either. This Hershey variation was every bit as good offering a credible semi-sweet dark chocolate wafery taste journey. The outer chocolate melted at a reasonable pace and generated a taste that had limited, yet adequate cocoa rooted flavour generation. The mildness of the dark chocolate was entirely suitable for the maltyness of the wafer which still had a reputable say in the latter stages of chewing. The 42.0g was a satisfying amount and certainly ticked both boxes of providing a credible, chocolate flavour hit delivering tasty snack.

Overall Hershey do cop at lot of flak from UK consumers but I think even the harshest critic of their chocolate would admit that they haven't fowled up this classic. If anything they've actually done a very good job changing as little as possible. Without awareness of the origin the bar is actually none to disimillar from the UK dark chocolate Kit Kat offering, thus it is a highly credible bar for anyone after a tasty dark chocolate wafer combination. Whilst it isn't one bar that UK consumers need to rush out and buy it is very worthwhile including it an order from AmericanSoda if you want the full-on American Kit Kat experience.

8.0 out of 10