Coming soon on ChocolateMission ....

We thought you would all like an update on what is up coming on ChocolateMission in the next few months!!

Manchester Pickers Week - Peanut Butter Pop Tarts and New Cadbury chocolates

This week you will have noticed we've had treats from our pals @MancPickers who sent the all new peanut butter Pop Tarts flavours our way. Tomorrow we will be featuring the second of the two new flavours but it doesn't end there! On Friday we will be giving you all our thoughts on the all NEW Cadbury Marvellous Creations chocolate – its one of the most bizarrely flavoured chocolates we've ever tasted so be sure to check out the site to see what we made of it.

Both the Pop Tarts and new Cadbury chocolates were sent to us by Manchester Pickers – you can see all the previous reviews for them HERE.

Hotel Chocolat - Summer Collection and Cocoa Cuisine

Hotel Chocolat have also been kind enough to send us some samples of their new Summer line up. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing reviews of their Summer Collection box, Salted Caramel Cheesecake Giant Slab and Summer Fusions Collection. If you have any special requests of any other chocolate goodies you want to see us run through the ChocolateMission rating system please don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

Also upcoming on the Hotel Chocolat front is our first dip (no pun intended!) into the all new Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Cuisine line-up. This is a new range consisting of all manner of cocoa powered cooking and kitchen essential ingredients. We will be trying out their cooking oils, wines, chocolate spreads and hot chocolate mixtures.

Suffice to say Hotel Chocolat Mondays are going to be making a welcome return – you can check out all our previous Hotel Chocolat reviews HERE.

Hot Chocolate Superposts

Speaking of hot chocolates we are getting well prepared for the cold winter ahead and this time we have big plans to feature several hot chocolate reviews on the site. We’ve been checking out the supermarket shelves of late and we’ve noticed that Tesco has become the place to find all the latest hot chocolate products to make that nice cup of hot chocolate to see you through the horrible cold nights. We’ve already spotted new offerings from all the usual Cadbury, Aero, Galaxy brands and also several new lines from some of the more luxury, up market ones – Charbonnel, Clipper and Green & Blacks.

Whatever the case you can rest assured that whilst we all enjoy the last few dregs of this lovely British summer ChocolateMission has things all well in-hand to deal with the upcoming frosty winter in prospect. We are on a mission to find you that perfect cup of hot chocolate to keep away those winter blues.