September 18th: Nestle Wonka Chocolate Nice Cream

Kcal 193 Fat 10.9g Carbs 21.5g (per bar)

Last week we kicked off our reviews of the relaunched Nestle Wonka range by taking a look at the Nestle Wonka Millionaires Shortbread - See HERE. As the ChocolateMission rating suggests our ruling on that bar was really rather poor. We loved the concept and presentation style but the execution of the chocolate bar itself was terrible and certainly didn't meet our preconceived expectations. Following that disappointment we then approached the variant we reviewed today we a degree of caution. The Nestle Wonka Chocolate Nice Cream sounded equally promising: 'A vanilla crème topped with chocolate sauce and covered in milk chocolate' but this time we weren't so quick to be led down the garden path of Nestle marketing spiel :-)

As we did the Nestle Wonka Millionaires Shortbread we tried this Chocolate Nice Cream bar in it's smaller bar form (37.0g). Again we were impressed by the presentation and the wrapper - the design of packaging was attractive on the eye and clearly communicated both the Wonka branding and the flavour proposition at hand. The bar itself looked a little more promising than the Millionaires Shortbread featuring a cool bit of pattern work on top of each block and with clear, distinctive layers of vanilla creme and chocolate sauce visible when cross-sectioned. The aroma of the chocolate didn't extend far beyond your normal, generic sweet chocolate bar scents but they were more attractive than our last Wonka experience.

So was our experience with the taste testing of the Nestle Wonka Chocolate Nice Cream any more positive!? Well thankfully we can say things didn't get worse ... unfortunately things didn't get a whole lot better either :-) We were never expecting anything more from the milk chocolate as it would have been totally unrealistic to expect anything more than the standard (and fair quality) Nestle milk chocolate offering. The filling inside wasn't as bad as the Millionaire's with it's smoother texture and less harsh sugary taste, however the vanilla creme was disappointingly lacking in any vanilla flavour distinction with the chocolate sauce more coming to the fore. The sticky chocolate sauce was very comparable to the sort of chocolate sauce you place on top of ice cream. It was sweet as sin but vaguely packing a chocolate flavour kick to enhance the weak cocoa flavours of the outer coating. The chocolate bar as a whole was a little more satisfying but we still overall felt a little short changed by the experience as a whole.

Overall this was again pretty poor attempt at a decent sounding proposition from the resurgent Nestle Wonka brand. Although it was a little superior, this Chocolate Nice Cream had many of the same traits as the Millionaires Shortbread in that it was again a lot better sounding than it was in reality. It seems that this range has been launched with some fantastic conceptual ideas behind it but the actual execution has been poor all round. As we described above we weren't expecting chocolate excellence however at the same time we were expecting a lot more from the promised flavour variations and both we have tried thus far have been lacklustre. The Chocolate Nice Cream filling here wasn't as offensive as the previous Millionaires effort but it still was very basic and offered little more than an added dose of sugary chocolate flavours. We will reiterate we don't want to put you off trying these Wonka bars altogether but please note we are yet to hear much positive feedback on them.

5.3 out of 10