September 20th: Artisan du Chocolat Cannon Malts

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(Sats) ??? Carbs ???

Any time we get a parcel delivered to us from our friends at Artisan du Chocolat we always open it with great excitement to see what wonderful new product they have sent us. Artisan du Chocolat are up there with Hotel Chocolat as one of the brands that consistently sending the ChocolateMission rating scale off the charts - not long ago you may recall that the Artisan du Chocolate Velvet Collection (See HERE) managed to slip into joint 1st place on top of our highest rated chocolate leaderboard. The product following up on the Velvet Collection was always going to be in for a tough time though it was with great delight today we got to try these all new Artisan du Chocolat Cannon Malts.

These Cannon Malts came in 150.0g bags that we shared amongst the team on one of our usual taste testing mid-afternoon coffee breaks. For Artisan du Chocolat the packaging and presentation was very basic with the transparent cellophane packet sealed by a funky coloured branded cardboard fold. As aforementioned this was all rather basic by Artisan's high standards but given the nature of the product we felt the little understated style was suitable. Use of a foil based material for the bag may have been preferable but this did not limit the strength of the lovely chocolate scents that escaped when first opened.

The size of the inner Cannon Malts were comparable to large sized marbles - bigger than Maltesers but not quite as big as say your standard strawberry. They were about the correct size to consume two at a time; it would have felt a waste consuming any more than this at one time anyway given the degree of flavours that this amount could generate. In line with expectations the quality of the chocolate was of the highest quality. The chocolate was thick in density and melted with a luxurious smooth viscousness that ensured the vanilla noted creamy cocoa flavours were both forthcoming and long sustained. The crunchy malt fillings inside these chocolate covered morsels was also of the highest order offering strong biscuity malt tones and a delicious after taste salt lick that begged you to grab another handful right away. This moreishness meant as a snack they were on the lighter side of the sustenance scale, these perhaps aren't the right option if you require a cure for belly rumbling.

Overall we promised our contact at Artisan du Chocolat we would try and avoid all comparisons to Mars Maltesers but there is just no better way than describing these as a seriously great up-market offering. The taste team all round agreed that these Artisan du Chocolat Cannon Malts take the Maltesers proposition and outclass them in every which way with the leading class chocolate and inner malt fillings better quality in every sense. Although the Cannon Malts are by far superior product they do unfortunately suffer from the same problem of being way too moreish and easy to consume by the bucket-full. If you are looking to really treat someone who you know loves Maltesers you are on to a sure-fire winner with these. These might fall down in regards to being a fully satisfying proposition but if it solely taste you are after then get yourself involved with these Cannon Malts right away.  

8.0 out of 10