September 23rd: Ritter Sport 73% Dark Chocolate

Kcal 602 Fat 49.0g Carbs 28.0g (per 100.0g)

Cogs have been turning over at Ritter Sport Germany and once again the team have produced another new chocolate variety for their ever expanding collection. The latest builds upon their attempts last year to strive for greater quality cooca being used in their chocolate - you may recall them releasing a new Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate offering in 2010 that for the first time utilised cocoa sourced from a special farm in Ecuador. With that bar containing 35% cocoa the only way was up, and thats exactly what they've done with the introduction of this all new Ritter Sport 73% Dark Chocolate bar. Our friends over at @Ritter_Sport_De were mega keen to see how it rated on the ChocolateMission rating system; we of course were more than happy to oblige them this service :)

This Ritter Sport 73% Dark Chocolate is the latest addition to the standard 100.0g square bar Ritter Sport range. Whilst the glossy looking dark coloured purple wrapper may have suggested the presentation was usual Ritter-faire the inner chocolate was shaped totally different to the usual 4x4 gridation. This new 73% dark chocolate was in actual fact split in to far smaller blocks - 36 to be exact. At first the team weren't so keen at the differentiation from the norm but when the latter taste test followed there was a greater understanding as to why this had been done. Suffice to say the smells emanating from the chocolate were trmendously enticing with fresh smelling cocoa scents erupting from the wrapper once opened.

Due to the Ritter team being ever so generous with their sampling the team have been lucky enough to try several bars of this chocolate over the course of the last week. Accompanying after dinner coffees, mid-morning tea breaks and even broken up over the top of desserts the chocolate has been tested out in several different situations with the ruling on it always consistent. Ritter Sport I'm sure will be delighted to hear the jury concluded a big time success, the team absolutely loved it. Given the price band the brand sits within the quality of the dark chocolate was tremendously high and far superior to it's nearest competitors. The team collectivelly advocated the texture and mouth feel created by the melt and it was given a thumbs up for the pace at which the flavours developed. The taste of the chocolate was also held in high regard with the team commenting on it's smooth amplification of it's core earthy cocoa influence and hints of coffee and subtle red fruits all on offer. The team liked how just a quarter of the bar felt like a satisfying snack and wholly sufficent for any chocolate craving.

Overall this new Ritter Sport 73% Dark Chocolate has recieved advocation all round from the ChocolateMission team and has been greeted with a warm reception as the latest addition to the 100.0g bar range. We have long been term proponents of the phrase 'sometimes the simplest things are the best' and this bar has only strengthened our opinion on this. As chocolate bars go this isn't one that is being released with a great song-and-dance or with any great razzmatazz (love that word!!) but if you are a fan of simple dark chocolates then it is one you should certainly be checking out. Those dipping their feet into the world of dark chocolate for the first time may feel more comfortable starting with the Ritter Sport 50% offering but at this is one dark chocolate will undoubtedly get pleasure from. ChocolateMission recommended.

8.1 out of 10