September 25th: Annabelle's Rocky Road Mint

Kcal Fat Fat(sats) Carbs (per 100.0g)

Given the amount of American snacks and sweets they no doubt consumer over @AmericanSoda you got to believe something is a little special when our contact there bigs something up as 'his new favourite candy bar'. That was exactly how our friend Ben there described this Annabelle's Rocky Road Mint - a bar consisting of 'dark chocolate, marshmallow and almonds'. You have to go back all the way to 2008 to find our last review from the Annabelle's Rocky Road range. It's been a long time but with Ben's words ringing in our ears we were certainly looking forward to trying out this all new mint flavour.

The bar came in a very sizeable 51.0g form and was very large what with it's main constituents being mallow. The wrapper didn't look all that different styled from the plain version we reviewed 5 years ago; it was still wrapped in a very glossy foil wrap with some old-school American branding providing an attractive, authentic look and feel. As aforementioned the bar was of a large size compared to most other similar offerings; the dark chocolate, marshmallow and nuts were all clearly visible when cross-sectioned and provided some attractive scents when released from the foil packet confines.

As Jim wasn't a proponent of the original Annabelle's Rocky Road we left this mint variation to the ChocolateMission chocolate-mint-lover. Annabelle's will certainly be thankful of that as that their chocolate and mint themed Rocky Road was probably always destined for a good write up :) In line with expectations it did indeed go down rather well and the taste tester came back with a glowing report. The ruling was that whilst the dark chocolate obviously wasn't the greatest quality, it still provided a sounded plain cocoa chocolate flavour-hit and it's infusion with peppermint added a taste dimension that was very positively received. The marshmallow centre was what it was, adding a sugary sweetness to the savoury nut flavours and plainer chocolate. The 51.0g size was described as a good amount and provided a very sufficient snacking option.

Overall Ben's new 'new favourite candy bar' went down well with the ChocolateMission team so it can be proud to be able to claim it received endorsements all round. Although the taste tester was perhaps a little biased given their partiality for chocolate mint treats, from their tasting notes this variation did appear to address Jim's previous gripe of the chocolate not being up to much. The added element of the mint to the chocolate obviously took the taste to a whole new flavour offering dimension and played nicely with both the marshmallow and almond elements. If like our taste tester you like a good chocolate-mint treat then why not head to AmericanSoda and get one to try yourself - be sure to tell us what you think of it @ChocMission.

8.4 out of 10